Game Recap: Brooklyn Nets Many, Chicago Bulls Not as Much

Disclaimer: I only caught the second half of this game, so by my reckoning, it was probably the worst game in the history of the sport. Positives: Mike Dunleavy (9-15, 23 points, 5 rebounds) made many shots. Negatives: no one else did. I guess Tony Snell (3-3, 9 points) looked alright for awhile, which is probably good for his confidence. Derrick Rose (2-15, 4 points, 5 assists), on the other hand, did not. Pau Gasol (4-12, 10 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds), Jimmy Butler (3-12, 8 points, 3 rebounds). Really, nobody played very well. Joakim Noah (6-10, 12 points, 12 rebounds) seemed pretty good on paper, but dropped passes all over the place and was generally dominated by Brook Lopez (13-21, 29 points, 5 rebounds).

This was a SEGABABA game if ever I’ve seen one, and while it’s disappointing, it’s probably not as emblematic of what these two teams are than the previous two meetings (both runaway Bulls victories) were. The Bulls play again on Thursday.

Player(s) of the Game: Mike Dunleavy

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