Braedan Ritter (@BullsbytheHorns) was brought onto Bulls by the Horns by site founder Matt McHale for the 2010-2011 season and has been with the site ever since.. He misses Nate Robinson, prefers short bios and hates writing in the third person.



Brian Schroeder (@Cosmis) holds the unique distinction of being old to have seen Michael Jordan play but not old enough to be a Bulls fan during it. He became a Bulls fan in 2001 and has suffered through all the Marcus Fizers, Jay Williamses and Tyrus Thomases (*sheds single tear*) to bring his particular form of hyper-pessimism to you. Brian’s other work can be found over at Hardwood ParoxysmSometimes in one year might become Bull forever.



Nehm PhotoEric Nehm (@Eric_Nehm) is a League Pass junkie and graduate student attempting to spread himself as thin as humanly possible.  That’s why you can find his work here.  His interests include radio broadcasting, long-form writing, and terrible jokes/puns.



Kelly Scaletta (@KellyScaletta) is former amateur blogger turned paid Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. When he’s not actually writing an article, he’s probably playing with a spreadsheet and/or watching a game. His conversion to being a Bulls fan came the day he moved to Chicago. Literally, as he disembarked from the plane, thinking, “At last my hometown team is a good,” Phil Jackson was having a press conference announcing his retirement.

Peter Owen (@PeterOwen00) is a Bulls fan from across the pond. He joined Bulls By The Horns in 2013 after a brief stint as a featured columnist for Bleacher Report. He also writes for Fansided.com.



Trenton Jocz (@TrentonJocz) is a lifelong Bulls fan living in Kent, Washington. He can be found tweeting about practically anything, but mostly the Bulls, the NBA in general, Rafael Nadal, how awesome AJ Green is, how terrible Andy Dalton is, debating in favor of paying college athletes, or whatever he’s watching on Netflix. RIP Seattle SuperSonics.



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