Editor in Chief

Avi Saini (@AvikarSaini) was born and raised a Chicago Bulls fan in central California Having been mocked for liking the Chicago Bulls rather than the Los Angeles Lakers like everyone else in the region did/does Avi decided to become a hipster before it was cool by rooting for sports teams from around the country. Avi can be found on Twitter either discussing one of many sports or with his head in the clouds proposing yet another pipe-dream trade for the Chicago Bulls.

Managing Editor

Caleb Nordgren (@chisportsguy41) is a loyal Chicagoan, a journalism student at Michigan State, and has been writing about the Bulls since December 2011. He was previously the editor at Fansided’s Pippen Aint Easy, is a contributor at Hardwood Paroxysm, and loves Jimmy Butler more than words can say. Oh, and that Derrick Rose guy. He’s cool too.


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