Luol Deng: Grim tidings


Bad news straight from the source: “I increased the workout a little bit and had a great deal of pain. So I’m just going to try and be off of everything for a little bit again. I don’t want to get to that point [where his season is over]. Even if I’m capable of being back for five or 10 miniutes, whatever, so guys can sit down a little bit because guys are playing a lot of minutes I can help out. Now I can’t even scrimmage for five minutes let a lone go and play. I’m hoping next week to try and increase it again and see how it goes.”

Added Vinny Del Negro: “That has been the mind-set all along just because I know how much pain the guy is in. He works and feels better and then doesn’t feel as well. If there’s a way to get him back, we’d love to. But we also want to be smart about it. He has a pretty good injury.”

If Luol’s still in “a great deal of pain” and can’t even practice, the Bulls need to end the farce and just shut him down for the season. There’s no reason to risk his future health for a playoff run that’s unlikely to last more than four or five games. Grant Hill did that for the Pistons back in the 2000 playoffs…and we all know how epically badly that turned out.

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