Bulls Zone 91- The Playoff Picture

Main topic on this episode of the Bulls Zone is the playoff picture, and where the Bulls might end up by the end of the season. The remaining schedule of the Eastern Conference playoff teams are reviewed along with how the Bulls individual stats have been since the Rose, Butler, and Gibson injuries. For more […]

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Bulls Come Up Short In OKC, 109-100

The Bulls already stole a game against Oklahoma City in thrilling fashion, and while they hung around in this morning’s game, there was never a sense that they were set to sweep the season series with a team that’s faced as many injuries as they have. The first hour or so of action was par […]

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Bulls beat Sixers 104-95 in an awful game

If you didn’t watch this game and elected to do something else, congratulations. If you did and were doing it for some sort of enjoyment, take a look at your life choices. The Bulls may have won 104-95 in Philadelphia to end a 3-game losing streak and win their 40th game of the season, but […]

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