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The Post-Luol Deng Paradox of the Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls, should they win their final three games — and since those three games are against the New York Knicks, Orlando Magic and Charlotte Bobcats, that seems rather likely — will have won 50 games for the third time in four years under Tom Thibodeau, one of which came in a 66-game season. This after […]

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Where do the Chicago Bulls go from here?

The Luol Deng trade signifies an end to a core group of players that many thought would at least have one finals appearance by now. The trio of Rose, Deng, and Noah were thought to be the group of players in the East that had the best shot at possibly conquering the Miami Heat. The […]

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On Derrick Rose’s Roster Concerns

Every so often the proverbial title window will open ever so slightly, propelling a team to make a run for the championship. For the Chicago Bulls, we saw this opening occur during the 2010 free agency period when the Bulls managed to bring many great pieces together. Unfortunately title windows are extremely fragile and the […]

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