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The Incredible Boozer

If you like comic books, then you’ll probably love the NBA-inspired comic book covers included in the ESPN The Magazine NBA Preview. You can see the Bulls’ cover below: So…Carlos Boozer as the Red Hulk? Uh, the Red Hulk jumped into outer space and beat up Thor with his own hammer. Boozer broke his hand […]

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Derrick Rose…and his SAT tutor?

A few days ago, NBA Offseason posted this picture of Derrick Rose and Rainn Wilson (a.k.a. Dwight Schrute of The Office). Apparently, it was taken on the set of an upcoming NBA on TNT commercial. I hope they’re pantomiming scissors, because Wilson could seriously use a trim. I also hope this picture goes over better than […]

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Joakim Noah: Lovin’ the offseason

Any defeat-related agony that Joakim suffered over that Game 7 loss to the Celtics is apparently long forgotten. He can now be found in beautiful St. Barts, surfing, clowning, drinking, flexing Hulk Hogan-style, burying people in sand and (NSFW) frollicking in the ocean with busty, topless beach babes. I guess “working on my post game during the offseason” […]

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Aaron Gray’s Top 5 Games in 2008-09

Big Sexy. The White Panther. The White Flag. Theose are just a few…okay, they’re the only nicknames for Chicago’s favorite human victory cigar, Mr. Aaron Michael Gray. In tribute to this giant of a man (7’0″, 270 pounds), I have chronicled his best five games of the recently deceased season. 1. December 26, 2008:Santa must […]

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Chicago Bulls: The Aliases

Last week, a confused commenter asked why I kept referring to Ben Gordon as “Air Gordon.” That nickname has been used pretty frequently here in Chicago over the past few years — particularly in the press — and I took for granted that everybody was familiar with it. To make up for that mistake, I decided to make a master […]

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Vinny: Literally into the game

Remember that three-pointer Jason Kidd hit to send the Bulls-Mavs game to overtime? Watch Vinny Del Negro lunge at Kidd from the Chicago bench and (presumably) scream to distract him. (Via Ball Don’t Lie.) The best (or worst) part? He’s done it before. And it didn’t work either time: The opponent drilled a triple on […]

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