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What’s the Usage?

With Derrick Rose’s meniscus injury, a team that seemed destined for a spot atop the Eastern Conference is now full of question marks.  For the second straight season, the Bulls will have to figure out how to go on without their superstar. There are a lot of theories out there about what they should do […]

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Chicago Bulls Status Check

Hey, everybody. Be sure to join at noon for the ESPN Daily Dime Live. The Bulls have the best record in the league — again — and here’s a snapshot of how they’re doing it. Record: 12-2 (NBA best) Hollinger Power Ranking: 110.575 (2nd) Division: 2-0 Conference: 7-1 Home Record: 5-0 Road Record: 7-2 Streak: […]

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Nightmarish shooting numbers

Normally, I don’t set too much stock in raw field goal percentages, not with advanced metrics like Effective Field Goal Percentage and True Shooting Percentage around. Still…Chicago’s FGP stats through the first four playoff games are bad. Really bad. Kurt Thomas: 63.6% Kyle Korver: 56.0% Joakim Noah: 43.9% Luol Deng: 39.0% Taj Gibson: 38.5% Carlos Boozer: […]

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Game 2 Plus-Minus Numbers

Bulls Starters: Luol Deng (+13) Carlos Boozer (+12) Joakim Noah (+12) Derrick Rose (+11) Keith Bogans (+8) Bulls bench: Kyle Korver (+5) C.J. Watson (-3) Omer Asik (-3) Taj Gibson (-4) Kurt Thomas (-7) Ronnie Brewer (-14) Pacers starters: Darren Collison (+6) Tyler Hansbrough (-6) Paul George (-11) Danny Granger (-12) Roy Hibbert (-16) Pacers […]

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A couple interesting stats

Derrick Rose’s highlight block from the Raptors game generated some interesting discussion. By The Horns reader Antz noticed that Rose has more blocked shots on the season (48) than LeBron James (46). While I was double-checking that stat, I also noted that Rose has more offensive rebounds (78) than LeBron (77). I found these numbers […]

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Wayne Winston: Derrick Rose has impact

In case you haven’t heard of Wayne Winston, here’s a brief introduction, courtesy of TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott: “Wayne Winston is a professor at Indiana University and for nine years was Mark Cuban’s stat guru for the Dallas Mavericks. Winston’s book “Mathletics” explains much of his work — complete with formulas and spreadsheets.” Winston also has […]

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An advanced look at Keith Bogans

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune wrote a piece about Keith Bogans that, essentially, absolves Bogans of his poor shooting and lack of scoring. In doing so, Johnson cited Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, who said: “He’s always found a way either to start or be in the rotation for very good teams. If he’s guarding you, you […]

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A look at the Bulls’ preseason stats

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on preseason stats. After all, preseason games are like lab experiments. Coaches tinker with various lineups and try to test the reserves, and players test new moves and try to ratchet up their games for the upcoming 82-game (plus playoffs hopefully) grind. Still, what happens in the preseason […]

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Bulls-Cavaliers Season and Playoff Series Stats

Over at Synergy Sports, they’ve posted a comprehensive and thoroughly fascinating statistical breakdown of the Bulls-Cavaliers series (not to mention all the other playoff series). They also provide a side-by-side comparison of the regular season stats. Go check it out. Seriously. Right now. I’ll probably write more about this after I’ve had a chance to sift through the numbers. […]

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