Chicago Bulls Status Check

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The Bulls have the best record in the league — again — and here’s a snapshot of how they’re doing it.

Record: 12-2 (NBA best)
Hollinger Power Ranking: 110.575 (2nd)
Division: 2-0
Conference: 7-1
Home Record: 5-0
Road Record: 7-2
Streak: Won 5
Last game: 77-64 win over Toronto
Margin of Victory: 10.29
Strength of Schedule: -2.00 (23rd)
PPG: 94.1 (17th)
Opponents PPG: 83.8 (1st)
Offensive Rating: 105.9 (8th)
Defensive Rating: 94.3 (2nd)
Pace: 88.9 (26th)
Effective Field Goal Percentage: .483 (13th)
Turnover Percentage: .138 (12th)
Defensive Rebound Percentage: .760 (5th)
Offensive Rebound Percentage: .325 (1st)
Free Throws Per Field Goal Attempt: .194 (21st)
Opp. eFG%: .443 (2nd)
Opp. TO%:  .135 (21st)
Opp. FT/FGA: .162 (1st)
Leading scorer: Derrick Rose (20.8)
Leading Rebounder: Carlos Boozer (8.3)
Assist Leader: Derrick Rose (8.7)

Stats from Basketball-Reference

Injury Report:
Rip Hamilton: Strained groin. Doubtful for today’s game.
C.J. Watson: Dislocated left elbow. Questionable for today’s game.

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