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The streak ends: Thunder 98, Bulls 85

Last season, the Oklahoma City Thunder went 23-59. That was the fourth-worst record in the entire NBA, ahead of only the Kings (17-65), Clippers (19-63) and Wizards (19-65). As of last night’s win over the Bulls in the United Center, the Thunder are 19-15. What many people may not yet realize about this young squad […]

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Circus Trip Game 2: Lakers 108, Bulls 93

In the NBA, whether a team loses by one point or 30, it still counts as only one loss. And even some blowout losses have lesser meaning, such as when they happen on the second night of back-to-back games, or when the team’s star has an off night, or when the team simply has a group meltdown. […]

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Derrick Rose: Defensive sieve?

In my scouting report on Derrick Rose, I criticized the kid’s defense. Well, By The Horns reader Tony C. felt that I didn’t criticize it strongly enough…so he left a rather illuminating comment that perhaps explains why Rose struggled so mightily on defense: ——————————————————————————————————————- I’d say that your analysis is fairly accurate, with one glaring […]

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Clawed by the ‘Cats

Beat the Nuggets at the United Center, fall to the Pacers at Conseco Field House. Defeat the Magic at home, lose to the Nets and Wizards on the road. Overcome the Rockets in Chicago, get overrun by the Bobcats in Charlotte. See a pattern here? The Bulls have developed a tendency to rock it at […]

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Some thoughts on Bulls-Clippers

So we all know already that the Bulls’ next two games — against the beatable (read that: terrible) Clippers (10-34) and Kings (10-36) — are the team’s best (read that: only) chances to avoid returning home on February 10th (versus the Pistons) with an 11-game losing streak and a mob of angry fans rioting outside […]

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