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Derrick Rose’s monster slam

There weren’t many highlights for the Bulls in last night’s depressing loss to the Knicks. It was mostly lowlights involving New York players raining threes. But this bone-rattling slam dunk by Rose was awesome enough to earn its own post: And now again, only in HD and with replays: Sadly, this dunk would have been […]

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Mamba vs. Pooh

In this commercial for NBA 2K10, Derrick Rose receives an epic smack talk smack down from Kobe “My guy’s awesome because he has four rings” Bryant. Rose might not, by his own admission, be able to get out of the second round, but he already has Larry Bird-like acting skills. Hat tip: NESW Sports via […]

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Scottie Pippen: Weather man

Bulls living legend and all-around snappy dresser Scottie Pippen tried to give the people of Chicago (and former teammate Toni Kukoc) some warm weather today…with no success. Thanks for trying, though, Pip. Random thought: I wish Scottie would randomly show up at my job. That would sure break up the monotony of filling out all […]

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D-Rose: Thanks for your support

It’s been a rough summer for the NBA’s reigning Rookie of the Year. Not only was Derrick implicated in an NCAA investigation of Memphis which allegedly involved him having someone else take his SAT, he also got blasted for a photo that allegedly shows him flashing a gang sign. The NCAA hasn’t ruled on the […]

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What does your game say?

Check out this new Michael Jordan “commercial” (via TrueHoop via Docksquad Sports). Note the utter lack of Jordan-as-a-Wizard highlights. I’m so glad that our society as a whole simply pretends that whole thing never happened. Kind of like the Nazi moon base of World War II.

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Superman III: Starring Tyrus Thomas

I already posted a video of T-Time’s amazing In-Your-Face-Disgrace over Jermaine “The Drain” O’Neal, but the gentlemen at Didn’t Draw Iron added a nice little visual effect to that brutal posterization. So, with all due respect to Supermen I and II (Shaq and Dwight Howard), here’s Superman III* (via Ball Don’t Lie): *For the record, I think […]

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