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Jimmy Butler talks to Tony Snell

Why won’t the Chicago Bulls use the D-League?

It was fully 16 and a half months ago that I called for the Chicago Bulls to get themselves their own NBA D-League team. It was August 2013, still two months before Derrick Rose would return after tearing his ACL and about three and a half months before he would tear his meniscus in Portland. […]

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Las Vegas Summer League Player Evaluation Game 1- Bulls vs Clippers

The NBA’s annual Las Vegas Summer League kicked off today for the Chicago Bulls as they faced off with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Bulls started out the game with strong Thibodeau-esque defense against the Clippers and uncharacteristic offense firepower. But from there any semblance of defense dissolved and both teams began scoring at will. […]

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Tony Snell

2013-14 Year in Review: Tony Snell

Tony Snell’s rookie season was not a terribly smooth one. He spent the first 12 games or so barely playing, then was suddenly thrust into the starting lineup, then became something of a key bench cog, then went back to not playing very much. His calling card coming in was his shooting, something that never […]

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Jimmy Butler talks to Tony Snell

The Case for Tony Snell

When the Chicago Bulls were on the clock back in June 2013, with the 20th pick of the draft, I expected them to take a big man. I was hoping for Gorgui Dieng. Instead, they opted for another wing, that being Tony Snell. If you follow me on Twitter, or if you’ve read much of […]

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5-on-5: Melo to Chicago, Finals projections, MVP picks.

1. What are your thoughts on the story this week about Noah recruiting Carmelo Anthony? Peter Owen: Noah’s non-denial of the conversation – via a great teenage girl impression – at least confirms the talks happened. Whether they were talking about it at length with Noah strongly selling the city and the team or if […]

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Chicago Bulls 94, Toronto Raptors 92: What did we learn?

Hello again! Hope y’all had a nice All-Star Weekend. It’s good to be back, especially after the Chicago Bulls continued their bizarre success this season with a 94-92 win over the Toronto Raptors last night. The Bulls, of course, hadn’t played since they beat the Brooklyn Nets six days prior, and facing the only team […]

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Las Vegas Summer League Game 2: Chicago Bulls 93-Denver Nuggets 81

After notching a dominating win over the Memphis Grizzlies just a few nights ago, the Chicago Bulls continued to dominate their opponents in this year’s Las Vegas Summer League with a commanding 93-81 victory over the Denver Nuggets. Just like in the last game, the starters- Malcolm Thomas, Erik Murphy, Tony Snell, Andrew Goudelock, and […]

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