Joakim for Carmelo? Nooooooooo(ah)!

From “The Chicago Bulls are interested in trading for the Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony and are discussing internally including Joakim Noah as part of the deal, according to a league source. … Noah will make $3.1 million this season in the fourth year of his rookie deal. He would become a restricted free agent next season unless the Bulls extend his contract.”

Why not Luol Deng, you ask? Well, the Nuggets don’t want to take on his cap-killing contract. Not many teams would want to take on Deng’s contract with the collective bargaining agreement set to expire next summer. Depending on what happens — lockout or a radically altered CBA — Luol’s deal could be a financial nightmare. Even more so than it is right now, that is.

But seriously…Noah? Really? I’m sorry, but in my humble and entirely biased opinion, Noah should be untouchable. He’s not going to score 30 points per game. But Noah is one of the league’s best rebounders, and he can serve as the anchor point of coach Tom Thiboeau’s defense (much like Kevin Garnett did in Boston).

Numbers and basketball skills aside, I love Noah’s intangibles. I love his heart, hustle and intensity. I love how much he wants to win. He doesn’t care about stats. All he cares about is helping his team get the W.

That’s not a criticism of Anthony. Maybe he wants it as much as Noah does. Admittedly, I haven’t gotten to watch ‘Melo play as often as I’ve seen Noah. Still…I’ve watched a fair share of Nuggets games. I just don’t feel the same “I will walk through fire to win” vibe I get from Joakim. To me, that’s worth more than 28 PPG.

But maybe that’s just me.


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    BULL4EVER September 11, 2010 at 1:51 pm #

    Man, those Denver Nuggets are pipe dreaming they could have NOAH for carmelo anthony,Chicago giving up NOAH for anyone would be a humongous blow to Chicago returning to that 90’s greatness they once had because Rose and Noah are the next JORDAN & PIPPEN on this rising Bulls team of a totally near future.These two are totally similiar to what JORDAN & PIPPEN once were when they were with Chicago.GO BULLS BABY!!!!!

    inkybreath September 11, 2010 at 7:20 pm #

    We’re talking about how to get ‘this’ team over the top – into the Championship. You’re talking about pairing Anthony with an above-average point guard to get to that level. He has been aside Billups and good talent long enough and I don’t see the results, as much as I agree he is an elite player.

    How many Centers in this league could have pulled off that amazing steal and full-court drive and dunk (and1) to seal the 3rd overtime of a playoff game? When you have a Center that can do his job: Defend his position and help on others, serious rebounding on both sides, reliable interior scoring, fast-break/pick-roll finisher AND be the heart, lead by example on the court, leave it ALL on the court AND play the mental-chess in front of the camera AND show up in the big games … you keep that guy. Period.

    The Bulls need all of these aspects, even if he loses a dozen games to the foot. Plus, it’s not just Noah, it becomes Gibson/Deng (and a 1st Round pick) – good NBA players that you know what you get from them and we have every logical right to expect more with the additions that are already there (and the ability to fill the current need at the draft).

    Let ‘Melo go to NY and the East can become great again …

  3. kipp September 11, 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    What?! Are you guys serious? Melo is one of the best players in the league. Period. Noah is not. 2 is greater than 1. 1 + 1 = 2. This is simple math, people.

    I have to find me another Bulls blog. I’m officially done! I can’t be seen fraternizing with you people. I have the image of a reasonable person to uphold. Peace.

    BULL4EVER September 12, 2010 at 4:06 pm #

    Chicago has a zero need of Carmelo Anthony,especially with Rose,Noah and Boozer in the mix,not to mention we have quite a bit of sharpshooting prospects on this Bulls team that can totally shoot lights out of anything on the court.Those new york knicks won’t ever win anything no matter what,even if Carmelo Anthony joins forces with A’mare Stoudemire because you don’t ever win NBA titles with the knicks,nets or the Cavaliers.GO BULLS!!!!

  5. Prevenge September 12, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    I read this website every so often [usually I jump on BaB], and this is the first set of articles I agree with, basically. Took long enough. 😛
    But yeah. If we include Noah in the deal, keep in mind that the trade has to be Deng/Noah to work under the CBA.
    I would probably do a Deng/filler[/gibson] for Melo trade just because of fit [we need a wing scorer, and it’s a risk we need to take to possibly be competitive re: championships], but we’d be paying a lot more for a guy who’s not really that much better.

    Dj September 12, 2010 at 9:54 pm #

    People just trading Deng, Gibson, J.J and our 1st round draft pick hurts us already! I say F**K this deal! Denver please keep Melo or let him sign with another team.

    We don’t need his ball hanging skills. If anything I rather go after Rudy Gay! He is still young and by the time his big 4 year contract is over he is going to be 28 years old and to me that is still a young age. Plus Rudy Gay is more of a caught, dunk and shoot type of guy that fits well with our team and he plays way better defense then Melo and in this summer he is having an impress all around game for team USA. Plus we won’t have to give up that much pieces for him then with Melo.

    GO BULLS!!!

    Savage September 13, 2010 at 1:21 am #

    @Prevenge, That’s why I try to stay off BaB because there is not enough reason to the madness that is blogged there. Matt’s logic is much more sound than what is constantly argued about on BaB. Just my opinion.

    TimeTraveler September 13, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

    Da Bulls look great AS IS. First, we now have 2 of the best rebounders in the league on the same team! How rare!? The Bulls will own the boards Regular seaons and playoffs! Name a better 4-5 combo! If you remeber, giving up second chance points was one of the main reason the Bulls lost to Cleveland. That won’t be an issue this year (but it will if we trade Noah) Second, the Bulls are arguably one of the most offensively-balanced teams in league now. You have a post game now (keep in mind that Boozer can score against any single coverage, if you double him, Noah will make you pay!) You have one of the best penetrators in the league (Rose), and outside shooting! If Thibs can get them to play defense they way they did on boston, we’ll have a championship within 2 years! Without Melo!

  9. DANNYBOY September 14, 2010 at 12:01 am #


    Gasol – Bynum, Garnett-Perkins, Lewis-Howard, to name a feew tandems that are superior… As to the balance of your ramblings: you are deluded.

    Dj September 14, 2010 at 4:39 am #

    @ TimeTraveler

    I say 1 more year or maybe now, if the Bulls can find a better deal then Melo that will push them to the top against the Lakers b-cuz right now, the only team that worries me is them. Miami, Orlando and Boston don’t scare me with the team we have. I’m pretty sure we can beat them.

    GO BULLS!!!

    Maurice September 14, 2010 at 9:52 am #

    Basketball is chemistry, is something magic and the addiction of great players doesn’t mean to became a winner. Plus the ball is still only one and the shot’s number are almost the same in a game, the difference? Make a solid defence, win boards, take the 3 pt shots, blocks, steals and assists. This make a difference, we need only d-rose raise to 25 ppg and noah to a maximum level in rpg and bpg. Of course having melo at the cost of deng+James Johnson+future picks it fits pretty well.
    But please never made it happen if the name of noah is written.

    TimeTraveler September 14, 2010 at 7:02 pm #

    @ DJ

    I agree, a deal that would make the Bulls better should be pursued, but I think it starts and ends with having a strong 4 and 5, otherwise, there’s no way to compete with LA’s Bigs. This is why you gotta keep Noah because he’s too hard to replace. And I do think Rudy Gay’s all-around game and athleticism would be a better fit for this Bulls team than Melo, but Memphis won’t part with Gay anytime soon (which is why they just overpaid him).

    The only positions the Bulls could conceivably upgrade at this point are shooting guard and small forward. But I’m not convinced Melo would be a huge upgrade over Deng. Don’t get me wrong, Melo is a much better scorer, but that’s it. Deng is a better defender, better rebounder (among small forwards, Deng is one of the best rebounders in the league!), and his mid-range jump shot is just as good or better than Melo’s. And with Thib’s emphasis on defense and inside out offense, Deng’s game (especially defense) is a better fit. Also, Melo took a hell of a lot of shots to average those 28 points in Denver, he wouldn’t get as many shots on this Bulls team. He’d average 22 at best. Deng gives you 18-20 a game, better defense and better rebounding. I don’t see a need for this trade.

  13. Alan September 14, 2010 at 8:16 pm #


    I agree that they shouldn’t part with Noah but I think you are wrong on Deng. If you watch Denver play Melo is the focus of the opposing defense. He is constantly double teamed. Deng is double teamed about as often as Melo isn’t. When you are the focal point of an offense you are asked to put up more shots hence Melo’s shooting numbers. If he was on the Bulls teams would have to pick their poison. They can’t double Boozer, Melo and give help d on Rose’s drives. At least one of them will have a good matchup each possession. I agree Deng is a better defender but he isn’t that much better of a rebounder. Defensive Rebounding I’ll give you but Melo is a better offensive rebounder and a much much better ballhandler and passer. Melo also has a great post game, granted he doesn’t use it nearly enough, it’s still better then Deng’s non-existent post up skills. My favorite part of Melo’s game is his killer instinct at the end of games. I love that he wants that final shoot and more often then not makes it. You really can’t even compare him to Deng here. DRose may develop into the Bulls first clutch performer since #23 but he’s not there yet. You’ve got nothing to worry about though TimeTraveler. There’s no way Denver takes this trade. It would make zero sense for them to take Deng and his contract back in a deal and the Bulls can’t make a deal without Deng in it.

    Olu September 15, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    Trade Noah for Melo. I’m a Bulls fan too, and I would hesitate to make the deal. Lets get melp and have our own Big Three

    TimeTraveler September 16, 2010 at 2:55 pm #


    Great points. And you’re right, Most teams have to double Melo whereas for Deng, it’s safe to say he’ll never command a double.

    As far as offensive rebounds, Melo does pull down more, but Deng is rarely in position to get offensive boards, he’s mostly on the perimeter whereas Melo posts up more and is often closer to the basktet.

    Adding Melo over Deng (and as you said, most likely won’t happen) could give the Bulls the most dynamic offensive package in the league, or there could be some serious chemisty issues. Melo will most likely want most of the offensive run through him which wouldn’t happen. They’ll run some plays for him because he’s that good, but Thibs has already said several times that he’s running an inside out offense in the half-court set. He’s gonna use Noah at the top of the key to run some plays (like Boston uses KG), working it in to Boozer in the post, and back out when the post option isn’t working. Melo has never played in that type of primary offense. An inside-out system would require your wing to get open for spot up shots on the kickback, and slash to the bucket when the lane is open (which is pretty much all Deng does). Melo likes to get the ball, hold it, create his own shot, or find the open man when he can. I don’t see Melo being able to use his full offensive talent on this Bulls team with the system Thibs wants to run. He would have to alter his game some(like Ray Allen and KG did in Boston, and like the big three in Miami will have to do). You’re right that Melo is better in the clutch, and an offensive upgrade, but he would have to buy into the system for it to work.

  16. Alan September 17, 2010 at 12:52 am #

    Good stuff time traveler. I agree with most of it. The more I think about ‘Melo the less I like the idea. I read about how he offered to pay his twitter followers 5k if they slapped some woman. I wouldn’t want someone like that in the locker room. I went to Syracuse while he won the title there so I’ve always been a big fan of his but I’m beginning to think he’ll never grow up. If his maturity ever catches up to his talent he’ll be a monster but stories like this make me wonder if it’ll ever happen. I did read about the Bulls being more uptempo and I’m excited about it. This is all personal opinion and I have no facts to go off of but I actually think the Bulls leaked the inclusion of Noah in trade talks as leverage in contract negotiations. I don’t think the Nuggets would offer him as much money and I don’t think he wants to leave. I don’t think they ever seriously considered moving him…at least I hope not. While ‘Melo probably isn’t coming, I don’t think they’re done tinkering. They have a little cap space left and my hope is that they use it in the same fashion as Sam Presti in OKC. We’d only be able to do it this year because Noah’s ext will kick in next year. If GarPax are shrewd and patient enough we could gain some nice assets along the way this year. OKC constantly has multiple first round picks and they seem to get a young player from some team every year that doesn’t want to pay the luxury tax. Remember when we dumped Sefolosha on them for a late pick? He’s turned into a great defensive weapon and we did it just to reduce our cap number. I’m sure plenty of teams will be looking to do the same during the season. I know this is a little off topic but I really think the Bulls could build on their already solid foundation if they wait it out.


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