By the Horns Weekly Mailbag- 12/20/2013

Image from Flickr via Pacdog

Image from Flickr via Pacdog

Welcome back to the Bulls by the Horns weekly mailbag where we will answer some of your reader submitted questions about the Chicago Bulls and the NBA every Friday. If you’d like to submit your question to us please shoot us a message via our contact form or shoot a tweet to @AvikarSaini. Without further ado, let’s get to it:

Charlotte is the 5th seed in the East. Do you think they’ll hang onto that spot so Chicago will get their draft pick this year?
Jesus E.

I doubt that the Bobcats will be able to hang onto the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference since htye have one of the league’s worst offenses (29th in points scored per game and 29th ranked offensive rating); however, I do think that there is a decent chance that Chicago could get Charlotte’s top-10 protected draft pick this offseason. The Bobcats currently have one of the league’s best defenses (2nd fewest points per game allowed and third ranked defensive rating) which will help them win a good number of games, despite the fact that their offense is anemic. Charlotte having the 3rd easiest schedule in the league this season the Eastern Conference being so bad definitely plays into Chicago’s favor.

With how bad the Bulls have been playing, it’s looking more and more like this roster is done and the Bulls are going to move some players. Who is the player most likely to be moved and to where?
Andrew H

Of all the players on Chicago’s roster, Luol Deng is most likely to be moved. The Bulls aren’t financially in a position to offer Deng the kind of contract he wants and because of that it looks like he’ll be gone this offseason. After experiencing what it was like to get nothing in return for Omer Asik, the Bulls have (hopefully) learned to take back what you can and not lose assets for nothing. Where Deng goes ultimately comes down to what the Bulls want in return for him. I personally believe Deng could end up with the Phoenix Suns because they need a wing player and are offering up draft picks. However that is pure speculation on my part and is based on no news reports or rumors, just my gut.

Waddle and Silvey asked “Would you rather have D-Rose or would you rather trade him for No. 1 pick, which probs would be Jabari?” on Twitter. What would you do?
Brett N

When I heard this question I thought it was an interesting question, but to me there’s only one way to go with this- trade Rose for the number 1 pick. I love Rose and all that he’s given to the franchise. I hope he recovers and can become the player he once was. But if given the opportunity I make that trade in a heartbeat. Rose isn’t guaranteed to become the player he once was (though I hang onto hope he’ll make a comeback), so his $20+ million contract could be a burden on the Bulls for the next few years. If Chicago could unload his contract and get a player like Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins (who look to be guaranteed stars in the NBA) for only $5 million per year, you have to make that trade.

Will the Bulls win another game this season?
Will Marsh (@IAmWillMarsh) via Twitter

With how bad things have been going, it looks so hard to believe they will, but I have confidence they’ll win some. They still have to play Miami and Indiana a few more times and always bring their A-game for them.

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