Welcome to the New Bulls by the Horns

From Flickr via McCloud

From Flickr via McCloud

Welcome to the new Bulls by the Horns everyone!

As some of you may recall back in October Bulls by the Horns began undergoing some changes: control of the site was transferred over from founder Matt McHale to Avi Saini, we began looking to add new writers, and we started to update the website’s design. The process took longer than previously anticipated, however, we at Bulls by the Horns are glad to announce they are done.

The following are some details about the changes we’ve made:

The Design:
The most obvious change we’ve made over the past month. The update was made with you, the reader, in mind. This new layout allows for everyone to navigate the content in a much simpler way. Tabs on the navigation bar at the top and widgets on the side allow you to access things around the site quicker without having to scroll around and filter through several pages to find what you’re looking for. We’ve also changed the look of the articles in hopes of softening the strain on your eyes while you read. All credit for the site redesign goes to Mr. Anthony Bain whose contact information can be found under the tab “The Squad.”

The Writers:
We’re also pleased to announce the addition of six new writers to the Bulls by the Horns staff: Brian Schroeder, Caleb Nordgren, Eric Nehm, Kevin Ferrigan, Peter Owen, Trenton Jocz, and Trey Adell. All of these writers have been or are featured on websites affiliated with Fansided, SB Nation, and ESPN TrueHoop. More about each writer can be found under the tab “The Squad” located at the top.

The Content:
We here at Bulls by the Horns strive to be your one stop website for everything related to the Chicago Bulls. To reach our goal we have updated some of the general content on the website. You can now find the team’s roster, salaries over the next several years, schedule, and league standings via the navigation bar. In addition to all of this we are pleased to announce a plethora of featured posts that we will be running in addition to the game previews, recaps, and breaking news posts. These new features are:

  • Around the Web- NBA articles from around the internet that we recommend
  • Blast from the Past- Discussion and analysis about old NBA games
  • Game Grades- Performance analysis of individual players after each game
  • Play Breakdown- Frame by frame analysis of specific possessions
  • Podcast- A weekly to bi-weekly podcast featuring some of the writers as we discuss various topics about the Chicago Bulls and NBA.
  • Power Rankings- Summary and analysis of where the Chicago Bulls rank in various power rankings from around the internet
  • Weekly Mailbag- Weekly post where we answer the questions you’ve submitted via the contact form (found on the navigation bar)

In addition to all of this content, we welcome active participation and discussion from all of our readers. Thus if you have a guest post idea that you think would be great for the site feel free to send us a message via the contact form with the subject “Guest Post.” Make sure to include your name and your idea in your message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We’d like to briefly thank everyone for being patient with us for the past month as we made all of these changes. We hope that we can reward your patience and understand with what you hopefully deem some of the best Chicago Bulls content there is.

Thank you all again and welcome to the new Bulls by the Horns! We hope you enjoy it!

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