Vinny’s spin: It was like Sunday dinner…


Okay, last word on Ben versus Vinny before I recap tonight’s matchup with the Raptors. Del Negro likened his not-suitable-for-children-under-13 spat with Gordon to “an afternoon conversation at the table, a little Sunday afternoon pasta. That’s about it for me.”

No, really.

But wait, there’s more: “I’m Italian, I like to argue. That’s how I grew up. It doesn’t bother me. So whatever helps to get this team going, whatever comments are made, everybody knows where to find me. The players, everybody. Everybody says, ‘What’s going on?’ Nothing’s going on, we’ve got to try to win. That’s what I focus on.”

Yeah, but didn’t he see Gordon’s rant as a sign of [beware the “D” word!] disrespect? “No, because I argue with everybody. It’s funny to me, it really is. This is pro basketball. If you can’t take the heat, you’d better get out. I’ve been around way too long to worry about that. I love that guys show passion. I hope guys argue and get on each other and get into it and show some fight and some grit. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not easy out there. That’s why it’s pro basketball. It’s easy to play, it’s hard to win. So when guys show passion and get aggravated, take it out on the other team. You can’t back down. You’ve got to go and work. That’s what I believe.”

The important thing is that you believe it, Vinny. Now bring on the Toronto!


One Response to Vinny’s spin: It was like Sunday dinner…

    Czernobog January 24, 2009 at 1:22 am #

    Yeah, show some passion when complaining about fines you got for being lazy schmucks! That’s the spirit!

    Really hope my guys can get some payback tonight, I’ll be laughing to beat the bend, even if they’re still the Craptors.

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