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Game 24 Recap: Bulls 110, Raptors 93

I’ve never felt so bummed after a team I’m rooting for just won in a blowout. As many of you already know, Joakim Noah is scheduled to have surgery this morning. The procedure will repair a torn ligament in his right thumb, which means a lengthy vacation for Noah. In NBA terms. And Chicago fans thought […]

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Bulls-Raptors preview

Toronto Raptors Status Check: Record: 9-16 Division: 3-4 Conference: 7-10 Home Record: 6-6 Last game: Lost 97-91 @ Charlotte Last 10 Games: 3-7 PPG: 102.4 (8th) Opponents PPG: 105.2 (25th) Offensive Rating: 107.7 (13th) Defensive Rating: 110.6 (25th) Pace: 95.1 (5th) Effective Field Goal Percentage: .496 (15th) Turnover Percentage: .144 (22nd) Defensive Rebound Percentage: .741 (18th) Offensive Rebound […]

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Preseason Game 4: Bulls 109, Raptors 90

As I’ve said before, preseason games are essentially meaningless. You shouldn’t get to low after a loss, and you shouldn’t get too high after a win. Especially against a Raptors team featuring a starting lineup of Amir Johnson, Julian Wright, David Andersen, Jose Calderon and Leandro Barbosa. That said, it’s still nice to see positive […]

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Complete embarrassment: Raptors 110, Bulls 78

Getting blown out on the road by the Cleveland Cavaliers was understandable, maybe even expected. After all, the Cavs have the reigning MVP, the reigning Coach of the Year (even if Mike Brown road LeBron James’ coattails to the award), post players, shooters, loads of depth. In short, Cleveland is a championship-caliber team. The Bulls are not. The Toronto […]

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A trade rumor I could get behind

Tab Bamford of the Bleacher Report believes that Toronto’s trade with the Philadelphia 76ers — a straight-up swap of sharp-shooter Jason Kapono for the rebound-nabbing (and testicle-grabbing) Reggie Evans — could be a harbinger of an even bigger trade involving the Raptors. As Bamford explains: “The Bulls have a lot of options that might look […]

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Trapped by the Raptors

Me and my big metaphorical mouth. Yesterday on Basketbawful, I made what was, in retrospect, a rather rash and foolish statement regarding Philadelphia’s loss to the Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen-less Celtics: “The defeat will almost certainly cost the Sixers the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs (unless the Bulls lose at home to the Raptors […]

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