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A look at the Bulls’ preseason stats

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on preseason stats. After all, preseason games are like lab experiments. Coaches tinker with various lineups and try to test the reserves, and players test new moves and try to ratchet up their games for the upcoming 82-game (plus playoffs hopefully) grind. Still, what happens in the preseason […]

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Preseason Game 2: Mavs 88, Bulls 83

You know what I love about the NBA preseason? It’s stress-free basketball. During the regular season and playoffs, I obsess over losses. Even worse, I obsess over what I consider to be ominous signs during wins…bad shooting, poor rebounding, and so on. During the preseason, I can simply shrug my worries away. The wins and […]

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Preseason Game 1: Bucks 92, Bulls 83

Well, that was pretty ugly, wasn’t it? The Bulls shot 42 percent from the field — including 3-for-12 on threes — and missed 11 free throws. The Bucks shot an identical 3-for-12 from downtown and gave up a whopping 27 points off 25 turnovers. There were blocks and bricks and steals and all manner of […]

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Preseason Game Seven: Magic vs. Bulls

Chicago’s preseason primer is almost over. It ended last night with an exciting (by preseason standards) 101-98 home defeat by the Orlando Magic. The Bulls ended a successful 5-2 preseason with questions and a bit of controversy. The questions revolve around continuity. With starters (particularly Rose) missing time, Vinny Del Negro was forced to use […]

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Preseason Game Six: Timberwolves vs. Bulls

The Bulls improved to 5-1 in the preseason with a 94-90 home win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. To be honest, I’m not sure what to make of this game or all these wins considering that Chicago has been playing short-handed for most of the preseason. And that makes me nervous. So maybe it’s time to remember Rule […]

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Preseason Game Five: Bulls vs. Timberwolves

Let’s hear it for your 4-1 Chicago Bulls. Can we carry over the preseason record? No, probably not. Anywhere, here are some high and lowlights from last night’s 99-94 road win over the Timberwolves. Guys who looked good: The Player of the Game? Actually, it might have been…Chris Richard. No, really. Richard came off the […]

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Preseason Game Four: Bucks vs. Bulls

The Bulls beat the Milwaukee Bucks 87-86 at the UC last night. I’ll take it. After all, Chicago was playing without three of its big guns. Oh, and it’s the preseason. Guys who looked good: Okay, Joakim Noah was the Player of the Game…but first let me say a few words about Taj Gibson. I’ve […]

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Preseason Game Three: Bulls vs. Bucks

The Bulls were undefeated in the preseason. The Bucks had given up 115 PPG over their first two preseason games. An irresistible force meeting a very moveable object? Yeah, right. Milwaukee put the clamps on the Derrick Rose-less (and Tyrus Thomas-less) Bulls, winning 98-86. Guys who looked good: Kirk Hinrich was solid if not spectacular […]

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Preseason Game Two: Bulls vs. Jazz

Well, that was fun. Buzzer-beating wins like Chicago’s 102-101 victory over Utah always get fans and players psyched up…even if nobody will remember them come playoff time. Like I said before, preseason games have relatively little to do with regular season (or postseason) success. Although maybe that’s less true for some of the Bulls than […]

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Preseason Game One: Bulls vs. Pacers

By and large, I don’t particularly enjoy preseason games. Ultimately, they’re meaningless, especially when they come against a lottery team that last season ranked 19th in Defensive Rating (109.2) and 26th in PPG Allowed (106.2). Of course, the Bulls ranked 18th in Defensive Rating (108.7) and 20th in PPG Allowed (102.5), so maybe I shouldn’t […]

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