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Fresh ink: Jordan in the Hall

The greatest player of all time being selected for induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame — along with David Robinson, John Stockton and coaches Jerry Sloan and C. Vivian Stringer — is about as shocking as the sun rising again this morning or the fact that the Three Stooges are still funny no matter […]

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Fresh ink: April 2, 2009

Brian Hanley of the Chicago Sun-Times: “The Bulls returned home from an 0-2 road trip needing a refresher course at finishing school. Sunday at Toronto, the Raptors shot 55.6 percent in overtime and went to the free-throw line four times to none for the Bulls. The Raptors made all four and won 134-129. Tuesday at […]

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What does your game say?

Check out this new Michael Jordan “commercial” (via TrueHoop via Docksquad Sports). Note the utter lack of Jordan-as-a-Wizard highlights. I’m so glad that our society as a whole simply pretends that whole thing never happened. Kind of like the Nazi moon base of World War II.

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That whole rosin powder thing

When LeBron started that whole “throw rosin powder in the air and jump into it” thing, it was pretty obvious that he (in conjunction with LRMR Marketing) had made the conscious decision to imitate Michael Jordan while also upping the drama of the moment, no doubt in the continuing effort to reach his “ultimate goal” of becoming a “global icon.” My initial […]

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An awesome ending to a special night

Let me start off by saying that tonight’s game against the Pistons was a footnote to Johnny “Red” Kerr’s moving halftime tribute (which you can watch again or for the first time at Comcast SportsNet Chicago). It’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to not caring about whether the Bulls win or lose. (But not really; I […]

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In Memoriam: The Double Nickel

The recent Madison Square Garden exploits of Kobe Bryant (61 points) and LeBron James (52 plus a triple-double) succeeded in conjuring — as singularly great performances often do — memories of Michael Jordan. In particular the Kobe/LeBron feats drew favorable comparisons to MJ’s legendary Double Nickel game against the Knicks way back in 1995. Now, […]

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Playing at the UC

Believe it or not, I have something in common with Michael Jordan. Besides being world-famous and fabulously awesome, that is. We’ve both rocked the rock at the United Center. (That’s me, above, getting beaten off the dribble!) A couple years ago, I participated in the Barbara Armstrong MS Half Court Classic. It’s a co-ed, 4-on-4 half-court […]

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