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The Post-Luol Deng Paradox of the Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls, should they win their final three games — and since those three games are against the New York Knicks, Orlando Magic and Charlotte Bobcats, that seems rather likely — will have won 50 games for the third time in four years under Tom Thibodeau, one of which came in a 66-game season. This after […]

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Contextualizing Luol Deng

In case you didn’t know, tonight marks the first time the Bulls will face a team who employs Luol Deng. While the implications of tonight’s game have, by this point, been well-covered, I want to cover this somewhat momentous event with an eye on the past, on properly appreciating how much Luol Deng meant to […]

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Bulls by the Horns Luol Deng Trade Roundtable

Last night, the basketball world was shocked when the Chicago Bulls suddenly pulled the trigger on a trade that sent Luol Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers. To this point much has been made and said about the trade from many basketball writers and fans alike. The following are takes on the trade and Luol Deng […]

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Assessing the Impact of the Luol Deng Trade

For those of you asleep at the time, a bomb was dropped on the Chicago Bulls fan base as news broke that the Chicago Bulls traded Luol Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andrew Bynum and three future draft picks. As of writing this no additional moves have been made but it is heavily expected […]

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