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Derrick Rose’s rehab has progressed

Even as the Bulls prepare to face the division rival Indiana Pacers tonight, good news has arrived in the form of Derrick Rose actually sprinting in bursts at practice. But wait. There’s more. There are rumors he could be only weeks away from actually practicing with the rest of the team. According to an unnamed source: […]

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Bulls injury updates

With Bulls training camp officially under way, we can finally start really thinking about the upcoming season in real terms. There’s been plenty of concern about the dismantling of the Bench Mob — which is reasonable — but the more important subject is the health of the team’s core players. Derrick Rose. Joakim Noah. Luol […]

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Offensive value and the Bulls

Andres Alvarez of The Wages of Wins Journal recently published a post titled Top Offenses and Top Offensive Players (which I discovered via TrueHoop). Alvarez used the Wins Produced metric to rate last season’s best offenses and offensive players. The article produced some not-so-surprising results (the Spurs had the league’s “winningest” offense and Chris Paul was the top […]

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Derrick Rose: rehab and tears

Derrick Rose is doing more right now than just becoming part of the local pizza culture…he’s also back on the court doing jumping and shooting drills. Said Rose: “My recovery has been good, where (I’m) rehabbing every day, five times out of the week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do lower and upper body and bike […]

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Scottie Pippen and Dwyane Wade on Derrick Rose

Scottie Pippen on Rose’s comeback (via Comcast SportsNet Chicago): “He’s going to be a bigger, better, stronger player. I think it’s great to have something like this happen if it’s going to happen at a young age (23). He’s going to heal fast, and he’s going to push himself now to be better than he […]

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Episode 1 of Derrick Rose’s emotional new Web series

Derrick Rose and Adidas are publishing a six-part video series on YouTube called #thereturn. In essence, it’s the story of Rose’s rehab…his mental and physical battle to return from the ACL tear that ended his season and the Bulls’ hopes of contending for a title. And not simply to return. To return better and stronger than […]

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