Derrick Rose talks about Derrick Rose (and other topics)

Oh glorious YouTube. It has provided Derrick Rose — in an interview with Aggrey Sam of CSNChicago — with a forum for discussing various topics, like his rehab, the exodus of the Bench Mob, his shoes, and so on.

To me, this was one of the most telling quotes from the whole video:

“I’m actually learning how to work parts of my body that I’ve never used before. Naturally, I’m just gifted. My balance wasn’t that good. I remember coming in my rookie year and the trainers and everybody on staff were like, ‘How do you play the way you play and you can’t even balance on one foot for that long? How do you move that way?’ Or not being flexible with the way that I play. One of the tightest guys muscle-wise, just super-tight; they never saw that and me playing the way that I play, it’s just weird. But it’s the beginning and I’m not looking back.”

If Rose is now correcting his balance and flexibility issues — and there’s every indication that he is — it’s possible that this injury could have a long-term benefit of making his body stronger and sounder.

One Response to Derrick Rose talks about Derrick Rose (and other topics)

    Sam August 17, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    Wish I caught the uncut interview while it was still up. Is the video available anywhere else?

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