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Derrick Rose versus Steve Nash

Steve Nash is one of the best point guards in the NBA. Has been for years. Even though there were (and, in truth, still are) a fair number of dissenting opinions regarding his back-to-back MVPs, the reality is players don’t win that particular award without kicking some serious you-know-what along the way. Captain Canada currently […]

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Feeling sweepy: Bulls 110, Pistons 103

Last night, the Bulls completed their first season sweep of the Pistons since the first full season of Michael Jordan’s first comeback when the team set an NBA record by winning 72 games. In the process, Chicago pulled to within a half game of the Toronto Raptors — who lost to the Heat in Miami — for the eighth and […]

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At least they beat New Jersey: Bulls 106, Nets 83

Well…huh. Look, I’m happy the Bulls won. I’m also glad they didn’t mess around and just dropped the hammer on a bad team (well, minus New Jersey’s brief third quarter comeback courtesy of Jarvis Hayes’ three-point bombing). And I’m downright relieved they didn’t lose a second home game this season to one of the worst teams in […]

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A crushing loss: Heat 103, Bulls 74

Going into last night’s game against the Heat, I was expecting one of the Bulls’ best efforts of the season. I really was. Consider the circumstances: Playoffs on the line, pride at stake after that tough loss in Miami a couple weeks back, and of course the mini-audition for free-agent-to-be Dwyane Wade. Sure, Luol Deng […]

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Is Derrick Rose overrated?

According to Noam Schiller of Both Teams Played Hard, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. But before you start lighting torches and sharpening your pitchfork, read his post. Schiller’s pretty fair in his assessment and most of the points he makes have been made on this site, either by me or by astute commenters. […]

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Derrick Rose the jump shooter

When Derrick Rose entered the NBA, one of the biggest flaws in his game was the lack of a consistent jump shot. Heck, after his rookie season, Rose even drew some unfavorable comparisons to former Bull “Big Shot” Larry Hughes. I think you’ll agree when I say: Ouch. Give the kid credit. He spent the summer working with […]

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Rose on fire: Bulls 98, Rockets 88

I think the Bulls are starting to take this stretch run pretty seriously. After losing 10 games in a row, they’ve won two straight. After 12 consecutive games of allowing 100 or more points, they’ve allowed 92, 84 and 88 in their last three. Coach Vinny Del Negro got so fired up over a few iffy […]

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A happy return: Bulls 98, Sixers 84

There’s not much to say about Friday night’s home loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The “Bulls” — minus Derrick Rose (sprained wrist), Joakim Noah (plantar fasciitis) and Luol Deng (strained calf) — fought the good fight and (shockingly) took a brief fourth quarter lead before LeBron James decided to start taking the game seriously. Once […]

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Rose is still out and Deng is hurt worse than we thought

Bulls fans should probably prepare themselves for the team’s 10th straight loss: Derrick Rose (sprained wrist) and Luol Deng (strained calf) will both miss tonight’s game against the Cavaliers. Joakim Noah (plantar fasciitis) is still out too. I can’t argue the decision. Why risk your players’ health in a game that might not be winnable […]

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Unfavorable schedules

Derrick Rose “probably” won’t play tonight against the Grizzlies in Memphis — and several other players missed practice yesterday — which means the Bulls will “probably” lose their eighth game in row. Barring a minor miracle. Actually, make that a major miracle. I decided to take a closer look at the Bulls schedule versus the schedules […]

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