Do you want to play pickup ball with Derrick Rose tomorrow?

I know. Two weeks of the NBA season has been cancelled and there’s nary any Bulls news to be had.

Unless you’ve checked out Derrick Rose’s Facebook page lately:

To celebrate the launch of the adiZero Rose 2, I’m setting up a game this Saturday and am looking for some of my Facebook friends to come play with me and my crew. Here’s how you get in the game: adidas Basketball and I will be posting clues on Facebook all week letting you know where/when the game is and the password for entry. First people to get to the location on Saturday and that know the password will get a chance to play… And for all those not in Chicago, we’ll stream the game so you can check it out. If you want in on the action, all the details can be found at the link below.

And the link.

This is obviously a marketing gimmick. But, still, why not?

Photo clues have been released all week. The sixth and final set will be released tomorrow.

The photos are supposed to help you figure out where the secret game is going to take place. Each photo album has a letter contained in the password needed to get into the game. The first people to arrive at the secret location with the correct password will get the chance to play with Rose. Note that the capacity is limited. As I’m sure is the actual time of the game.

So far, the following letters have been revealed: R, U, A, M.

Not to spoil anything for puzzle fans, but it doesn’t take a super genius to figure out that the six-letter password is probably MURRAY,” as in Murray Park in Englewood, which was recently refurbished by Rose-endorsed companies.

Does that mean the game itself will be in Murray Park? I tend to doubt it. When Rose christened the refurbished park last month, Chicago police blocked the streets and private security guards in bulletproof vests were on hand because, well, Englewood can be a rough place to live. Or visit.

The photos seem to indicate a downtown location. And we know Rose will be making various marketing stops downtown on Saturday morning and early afternoon. Anybody have any ideas?

One Response to Do you want to play pickup ball with Derrick Rose tomorrow?

    Jimmy Jump October 16, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    Only if he helps me with my SAT.

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