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The irony of the Bulls postseason

First Indiana, and now Atlanta. Both teams have used their athleticism, energy, and underdog status to make the first two rounds of the playoffs difficult for the Bulls. But while the Pacers and Hawks surely deserve credit, the Bulls’ struggles are arguably largely self-inflicted. What were the primary strengths that led the Bulls to a […]

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Round 2 Game 3: Bulls 99, Hawks 82

The Bulls needed this. They needed to prove they’re still the team that won a league-best 62 games during the regular season. The Bulls controlled Game 2, but even after Chicago won that one to tie the series, Jamal Crawford seemed unconcerned. Said Crawford: “If that’s their best shot, we’re in good shape.” I think […]

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Boozer needs Korver: Follow-up

Editor’s note: The following comment was written by By The Horns reader uber_snotling in response to the Carlos Boozer needs more Kyle Korver post. Two person +/- comparisons are flawed in some ways, but can be very informative. For another stat backing up the argument, look at the five-man units from Basketball Value. Two units have played […]

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Carlos Boozer needs more Kyle Korver

During the Pacers-Bulls series, Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau called Boozer a “lightning rod.” When things are going poorly, Booz gets the boos. That’s life. Derrick Rose can go 11-for-27, miss seven of eight three-pointers and commit 8 turnovers but get a pass. He’s already earned respect from the fans. Boozer? Not so much. He can’t […]

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Round 2 Game 2 Recap: Bulls 86, Hawks 73

Now that’s the Chicago defense we know and love. The Bulls held the Hawks to 73 points on 33.8 percent shooting and forced them t miss 10 of their 13 three-point attempts. Atlanta finished with a miserable Effective Field Goal Percentage of 35.7 and an Offensive Efficiency of only 81.1 (as in points per 100 possessions). The Hawks missed 11 […]

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Second Round Game 1: Hawks-Bulls Preview

Season Series: Chicago won series 2-1 Game 1: Atlanta won 83-80 (Al Horford: 31 points, 16 rebounds) Game 2: Chicago won 94-76 (Derrick Rose: 34 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists) Game 3: Chicago won 114-81 (Derrick Rose: 30 points; Luol Deng: +39 plus/minus) Injuries: Kirk Hinrich: hamstring strain (doubtful for entire series) Overview: After four […]

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Update: Fan Night Canceled

Upate! The proposed fan night has been canceled due to a lack of response. I’ll try to plan things further in advance next time. Okay, everybody. I’ve been talking about this for a while. Fan night. It’s happening this Wednesday night: Stocks & Blondes Bar & Grille 36 N. Wells St. Chicago, IL 60606 7 […]

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