BbtH Announcement- New Partnerships with the Bulls Zone and numberFire


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Hope everyone is enjoying what is now the dead part of the NBA offseason. Only 93 more days to go until the NBA season tips off. While things have been fairly slow on the Chicago Bulls news front lately, we at Bulls by the Horns have been working behind the scenes to figure out how to keep bringing you quality Chicago Bulls related content. To accomplish this goal, we’re excited to announce we’ve come to partnership agreements with the Chicago Bulls podcast “Chicago Bulls Zone” and advanced sports analytics company, numberFire.

Chicago Bulls Zone

Run by Jason Hall and Will Miller, Chicago Bulls Zone has been running for 61 successful shows at this point and continues to be going strong. Producing high quality work, Jason and Will discuss various topics about the Chicago Bulls as well diving into some discussion about other teams around the league. At times the duo play the host to high profile guests such as Chicago Tribune beat writer, K.C. Johnson. The podcast generally comes out once per week though there may be some instances where multiple shows are produced in a single week. Just below we have embedded the most recent episode of Chicago Bulls Zone (episode 61) for . I’ll leave Will and Jason to summarize the day’s topics:

Nate Duncan stops by to discuss Jimmy’s contract, Bulls offseason, and Team USA. KC follows up his interview with an update on Team USA, Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler update, and how Doug McDermott feels after day one of playing on the Team USA select team.


We’re also excited to announce Bulls by the Horns will be teaming up with numberFire, an advanced analytics platform that also works with ESPN, NFL, Sports Illustrated, SB Nation, Cantor Fitzgerald, DraftKings, and others. numberFire works to uniquely interpret various kinds of data and statistics in order to better project how a player and a team will perform in the future. Through this partnership, we at Bulls by the Horns will have access to numberFire’s immense amount of data and will be putting it to good for you, our loyal readers. Additionally, we will occasionally be sharing Chicago Bulls related content produced by numberFire for your enjoyment.


We hope you all will enjoy the benefits of these new partnerships in the coming future and the changes to Bulls by the Horns they bring with them.

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