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Catching breaks: Bulls 109, Cavaliers 108

The Bulls have been given some gifts lately. And I’m not just talking about Joakim Noah and Luol Deng returning from the injured list. First, the Raptors — the team standing between the Bulls and the East’s final playoff spot — lost Chris Bosh “for weeks” after he had surgery to repair a displaced nasal fracture. […]

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Derrick Rose explodes: Bulls 121, Wizards 119

And to think: earlier this season, there were a bunch of knuckleheads writing about whether Derrick Rose would ever be a go-to guy. Some people even questioned whether he could be! Oh, wait. I was one of those knuckleheads. My bad. Derrick Rose injured his ankle during the preseason, and the recovery took time. The effect on his game was obvious. […]

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Weaseling by the Wizards

It’s a win. I’m not giving it back. But the Bulls’ 101-99 victory over the Wizards — otherwise known as “The Worst Team In The Eastern Conference” — really should have come a little easier than it did. Maybe even a whole lot easier. Washington is terrible, they were missing their second-best player (Caron Butler), […]

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