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Fan on the Street: Part 1

So a few weeks ago I was having lunch with a friend – a man who’s lived in Chicago his entire life, by the way – and I mentioned to him that I was starting a new blog about the Bulls. His immediate response was: “That’s cool. Are they any good? They have any decent […]

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Daily science: The best on-court Bull

Based on a traditional measure like, say, points per game, Chicago’s best basketball player is Ben Gordon (20.2), followed by Derrick Rose (16.8), Luol Deng (13.7), Drew Gooden (13.4) and so on. But advanced hoops science tells us that, in fact, that the one guy Vinny Del Negro should most want on the court is […]

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“And now for something completely different…”

Hello, dear reader. My name’s Matt McHale. Welcome to my new blog about the Chicago Bulls. Right now, you might be asking yourself: Who’s this “Matt McHale” guy and why is he blogging about the Bulls? And I guess those are pretty reasonable questions. Regarding the “who”: I’m the co-fouder and lead author of Basketbawful, a blog that parodies the best […]

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