Vinny: Not a second-guesser


It says something that Peter Vecsey opened the NBA’s All-Star weekend by “breaking the news” of John Paxson’s supposedly imminent resignation and yet the big news out of Chicago was Vinny Del Negro’s decision to bench Derrick Rose with 4.7 seconds left in a tie game with Miami the night before. And in case you’re wondering how that turned out: Thabo Sefolosha threw the inbounds pass into Dwyane Wade’s waiting hands, which eventually led to Shawn Marion’s game-winning dunk. I know: Fail.

But Vinny won’t back down from what could rightly be considererd a bone-headed, game-losing move. After all, he’s Italian! Said Del Negro: “I don’t really second-guess myself because it’s easy to be a Monday-morning quarterback. The play was open and we just didn’t execute the pass. I don’t think a guy needs to be playing 45 minutes in a game to make an inbounds pass. I have a lot of confidence in Thabo. If it works out, then there’s no question about it. I take full responsibility for all that stuff; that’s my job. I try not to second-guess myself. It doesn’t do any good, because there’s another game for us to worry about.”

I’m sorry, Vinny, but you got that one wrong. The correct answer was: “Yep, I screwed up. I will never again bench my star player in an end-of-game situation, particularly if we’re on offense, unless he was ravaged by grizzly bears during the timeout, or maybe injected with some lethal poison that would kill him without immediate treatment.” Nice try, though. Thanks for playing.

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3 Responses to Vinny: Not a second-guesser

    Torch February 18, 2009 at 8:40 pm #

    While I condone bashing VDN for keeping Rose out on that play, he did make a true point. You don’t have to play a ton to make a late game inbounds pass.

    In fact, several years ago Phil Jackson was looking to sign Toni Kukoc in LA as the 15th man for vet minimum, wanting Toni to do nothing more than inbound the ball in late game situation every couple of games.

    FM February 18, 2009 at 10:21 pm #

    I disagree with the fact that you do not need to play a ton to make an inbound pass, especially with someone so inept at passing, or doing anything positive with the ball as Thabo is. The reason Kukoc could do something like that is because he was a high-level passer (his nickname was the freaking Waiter!)

    This was another, in a long line of flat-out bush league moves made by a guy who has no business doing any sort of coaching in the league outside of teaching someone a better jump shot.

    Matt, 100% agreed!

    Dunc February 18, 2009 at 10:49 pm #


    SALMONS DUDE!@@@@@


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