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Game Recap: Bulls 103, Warriors 87

The Good: Talk about controlling the backboards. Chicago’s starting frontcourt was totally dominant in this game, combining for 41 rebounds to go with 45 points. Carlos Boozer (15 points and 13 rebounds), Jimmy Butler (16 points and 12 rebounds) and Joakim Noah (14 points and 16 rebounds) all finished with double-doubles. What’s more, they combined […]

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Game 49 Recap: Warriors 101, Bulls 90

Off. The Bulls were off. They played poorly. Passes weren’t crisp. The Warriors were faster (or luckier) at gathering up loose balls. The Bulls seemed confused on rotations…or even about how to keep their man in front of them. It was just that kind of night. Still, they kept things close until the Warriors went […]

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Game 7 Recap: Bulls 120, Warriors 90

I really have to open this recap by quoting By The Horns reader J Hornik from the comments section of yesterday’s game preview post: “Wow. Just turned into the game, saw the score, and heard this: ‘Omer Asik with AUTHORITY!’ Fork. Done.” Pretty much, yeah. Bottom line: The Bulls took advantage of a slightly overrated Western […]

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Warriors-Bulls preview

The Golden State Warriors are 6-2. That’s a pretty good record. And yet… …a quick record inspection reveals their six wins have come against the Rockets (1-6), Clippers (1-8), Grizzlies (4-5), Jazz (5-3), Raptors (1-7) and Knicks (3-5). The only legit team in that group is the Jazz. And remember: Utah was 2-3 before their […]

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A bad start: Warriors 114, Bulls 97

Let’s not mince words: the Golden State Warriors are a bad basketball team. They entered today’s game against the Bulls 11-27 overall and only 7-10 at home. In terms of wins and losses, only the Minnesota Timberwolves (9-33) and New Jersey Nets (3-37) are worse. The Warriors have had two main problems this season. First, they’ve suffered a bizarre […]

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A short sigh of relief: Bulls 96, Warriors 91

I shared my thoughts about this game over at TrueHoop. However, I wanted to address a few things here as well. For starters: Yes, I’m relieved the Bulls won and therefore put a halt to one of the most depressing four-game losing streaks in recent memory. As they say, the best prescription for losing is winning. […]

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Wrecking the Warriors

This time when the Bulls fell behind by 14 in the first quarter, I wasn’t all that concerned. After all, the Golden State Warriors are undisciplined (at best) on offense and apathetic (at least) on defense. I figured that if the Bulls made even a half-hearted effort at getting back into the game, they’d win. And that’s what […]

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