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Bulls-Magic Preview

Orlando Magic Status Check: Record: 20-60 Division: 3-12 Conference: 10-40 Home Record: 12-28 Last 10 Games: 2-8 Streak: Lost 1 Last game: 120-88 loss to Boston PPG: 94.3 (24th) Opponents PPG: 101.0 (23rd) Offensive Rating: 101.7 (27th) Defensive Rating: 109.0 (25th) Pace: 92.2 (14th) Effective Field Goal Percentage: .485 (20th) Turnover Percentage: .137 (12th) Defensive […]

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Magic-Bulls Preview

Orlando Magic Status Check: Record: 19-57 Division: 3-12 Conference: 9-37 Road Record: 8-30 Last 10 Games: 1-9 Streak: Lost 3 Last game: 98-84 loss to San Antonio PPG: 94.3 (23rd) Opponents PPG: 101.1 (23rd) Offensive Rating: 101.9 (26th) Defensive Rating: 109.2 (26th) Pace: 92.2 (14th) Effective Field Goal Percentage: .487 (19th) Turnover Percentage: .136 (12th) […]

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Game Recap: Bulls 99, Magic 93

The Orlando Magic entered last night’s game a surprising 2-0. Possibly even more surprising was their post-Dwight Howard offensive uptick. In those two wins, the Magic scored 102 points against the Denver Nuggets and then 115 points against the Phoenix Suns. The Bulls — who also had enjoyed a quick 2-0 start — were coming […]

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Game 5: What a waste

Early on in this series, I could have accepted and might even have been pleased with a moral victory. But that was then, and right now all I can see is a wasted opportunity that — in my mind, if not yet in fact — cost my team its last best chance of advancing to […]

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Game 3 Disaster: Complete and Utter

Ever had one of those bad dreams where everything goes wrong? Like, you’re in school but you don’t know your locker combination, haven’t got your books, didn’t do your homework, can’t find any of your classes, forgot to get dressed, and the teachers are all slavering, tentacled monsters who want to use your stomach as […]

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