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The Bulls’ coaching search continues…I guess…

Bulls fans are getting a little antsy about the team’s search for a new coach…but apparently management isn’t. As far as anybody can tell, Chicago’s front office is in no particular hurry to make a decision. It’s starting to feel like waiting for a pizza delivery that won’t show up until the pie is cold […]

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No real news on the Bulls coaching front

From the ESPN NBA Rumors page: “The Bulls have not spoken with Lawrence Frank yet, but the team is confident they’ll get to interview him for their head coach vacancy. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bulls have received favorable feedback on the former Nets head coach. The team is in the process of finishing […]

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The coaching search continues…

It hasn’t even been a week since the Bulls officially fired Vinny Del Negro… …but it feels a lot longer than that, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s because Del Negro’s head was on the chopping block for so many months, but it seems like there should have been…something. Some sort of news. Some sort of definitive idea about what […]

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I tend to agree…

…with Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald: “Can everyone please stop writing about John Calipari and the Bulls? It’s not going to happen and these stories exist only to coax Kentucky into giving him a raise. The guy is an excellent recruiter of high school talent, not an NBA coach.” After all, here’s what Calipari had […]

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