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Derrick Rose steps way up: Bulls 101, Celtics 93

Talk about untimely and unwelcome distractions. Going into last night’s matchup with the Boston Celtics — only the biggest game of the season so far — reports surfaced that, after Chicago’s home loss to the Phoenix Suns on March 30, Bulls executive vice president John Paxson apparently grabbed coach Vinny Del Negro by the tie, jabbed him twice in […]

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That’s seven out of 10 now: Bulls 96, “Celtics” 83

Okay, let me get the extenuating circumstances out of the way. The “Boston Celtics” were playing without their best player (Kevin Garnett), their top reserve (Rasheed Wallace), and another key roleplayer (Marquis Daniels). Due to the extreme shorthandedness, the “Celtics” starters have been putting in a lot of PT, particuarly Rajon Rondo, who has now […]

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The endless speculation about Kirk Hinrich

Based on the number of Kirk Hinrich trade rumors and the frequency with which various experts and unnamed sources confirm Chicago management’s desire to dump Hinrich’s cap-killing contract, you’d think the Bulls were trying desperately to escape a pact with some dark power. Did Jerry Reinsdorf lose a fiddle match with the devil? That’s what it feels […]

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Sometimes the truth hurts…

“It’s not disheartening. They beat us. You’re going to get beat sometimes by teams that are better than you, and they’re better than us. I can’t sit here and be like, ‘Well, they’re not better than us, I think we’re better.’ No, they’re better than us. They beat us. They smoked us once and then […]

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Post-playoff numbness

I’ve given myself more than a day to recover from that Game 7 loss to the Celtics in Boston, and it still feels like my emotions are packed in a block of ice, Encino Man-style. I probably will always remember that game not for the poor shooting, the turnovers, the many botched defensive assignments/rotations, or […]

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Game 7: Wakeup call

Well, that was a bummer. The Celtics shut us down (39 percent). They also enforced their will in the paint (44 points). Eddie House lit us up (16 points, 5-for-5 from the field, 4-for-4 from three). So did Brian Scalabrine, sort of (8 points, 2-for-3 from downtown). Ben Gordon was broke (7-for-23). The Bulls never […]

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