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Tom Thibodeau: The Point Guard Whisperer

DJ Augustin is enjoying one of the best seasons of his career. Since joining Chicago he’s posted 14.0 points per game on 43% shooting and 41.9% three point shooting, 5.9 assists per game, and a 17.3 PER- all numbers that are in line with or better than his career highs. At this point he’s earned […]

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The 2014 Plan, Part Two: You Can’t Teach Size

For years the Bulls have touted 2014 as the year the team would finally have spending flexibility. But with the summer approaching, management has thrown cold water on the possibility of bringing over long-awaited Real Madrid star Nikola Mirotic. With a franchise so well-versed in bracing its fans for disappointment, that got us at Bulls […]

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Bulls Fall to Wolves 95-86

Tonight’s loss to the Timberwolves was basically a glass ceiling game. Once Minnesota took the lead in the first quarter, they pretty much led by 4-12 points the entire game. While the Bulls never “let go of the rope”, as Thibodeau would say, it never seemed likely that would get over the hump and take […]

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Wolves at Bulls Preview

  On the surface, the 22-21 Bulls hosting a 21-22 Wolves team that sits in 11th place in the loaded Western Conference looks like a very winnable matchup. The narrative around Minnesota is that they’re a below .500 team that struggles to finish close games, with a frustrated superstar and an overrated point guard whose […]

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What We’re Reading: The Real Boogie

  We at Bulls by the Horns realize that you’re busy and don’t have the time to go searching through website after website for some interesting, NBA related reads. So, every Saturday, we’ll gather the articles we’ve found interesting and put them together for you in one place. Though we are not at the All-Star […]

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By the Horns Weekly Mailbag- 1/24/2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bulls by the Horns weekly mailbag where we will answer some of your reader submitted questions about the Chicago Bulls and the NBA every Friday. I apologize for not posting up a mailbag last week. I had gone on a sudden vacation during which I had limited internet […]

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