Rapid Reaction Game 5: Heat 94, Bulls 91

Rather than the normal rapid reaction, this one will just be a few quick thoughts.

First, a lot of credit to this Bulls team. They were shorthanded the entire season, but never used that as an excuse. They had their nights that they faltered and fell flat, but it’s games like tonight that show you how much fight and effort this team put in every time they went out on the court. When I look back in a few years, that’s what I will remember. That and Game 4 against the Nets.

The effort was always there from the players on this team. From the new guys like Nate Robinson (who when he was signed I thought he was just an overconfident shooter, but actually bought into Tom Thibodeau’s system pretty well—and provided much needed scoring), to Jimmy Butler (taking a huge step forward into a starting role, developing a reliable three-point shot and shutting down perimeter players), to Joakim Noah (who has been giving the effort his entire career but emerged as Chicago’s MVP this season, often facilitating the offense and leading the defense). Even guys who were planted on the bench for long stretches of the season like Marco Belinelli and Nazr Mohammed stepped up into huge roles at times, including the playoffs.

This Bulls team wasn’t always the most exciting team, but they had their moments, and all you can ask of a team is that they fight until the very end. Chicago did that.

A long, injury-riddled season with tons of off-the-court news has finally ended for the Bulls. Here’s to a better 2013-2014.


Feel free to leave your thoughts on the season below in the comments

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4 Responses to Rapid Reaction Game 5: Heat 94, Bulls 91

  1. zenmage@hotmail.com'
    td4life May 15, 2013 at 10:44 pm #

    As a longtime Spurs and NBA fan, and also a longtime J. Noah fan, I was sad to see the Bulls go down so quickly after winning game 1. Thibs is the best coach in the NBA (yes I said it). Jimmy Butler has been a revelation; I’m really envious considering he was taken 3oth, and we picked 29th.

    I like your team and really hope the Bulls have a good summer and are healthy next year.

  2. jeremyhornik@gmail.com'
    Jeremy Hornik May 15, 2013 at 11:29 pm #

    I can’t believe they stayed so competitive for so long. And after Game 7 against the Nets and Game 1 against the Heat, I believed anything was possible… from a Heat 4-game rebound to a Bulls 7-game victory, losing to whomever gets through to the Conference Finals in 5.

    Through it, I didn’t watch enough games… but I always turned to By The Horns. Thanks for covering the Bulls so well. Hell of a season.

  3. rohnerb@yahoo.com'
    Bill R. May 16, 2013 at 12:40 am #

    Great year. Maybe my memory is short, but to me this was the most special, if not the most talented, team the Bulls have had since the Jordan era.

    Beyond the heart and the resiliency, the standout thing about this year was the unexpectedly huge contribution the team got from Jimmy, Nate, and Marco. With D. Rose out and the Bench Mob disbanded, things looked dismal. But the evolution of Jimmy, plus the additions of Nate and Marco nearly made up for it. Here’s hoping Jimmy makes the starting lineup next year, and Nate and Marco are kept on board (especially Nate at PG, with D. Rose’s future being a mystery and Hinrich’s health a constant issue and Teague not being a sure thing, despite flashes of goodness).

    This post is absolutely right that Noah was the team’s MVP this year. And, not to be forgotten, Carlos Boozer had a very solid year, turning in double-doubles nearly every night. Maybe he is overpaid and maybe he can’t play defense very well, but he is a great player and was absolutely essential to the Bulls’ success, when they did succeed. He takes too much grief in this town; nice to see him have a nice night to end the season.

    Thanks for all the great work, Bulls by the Horns.

  4. patel0020@gmail.com'
    DIPEN PATEL May 16, 2013 at 8:05 am #

    HEY TD4LIFE SPEAKING of YOU being a SPURS FAN I HOPE 4 the BEST for YOUR SPURS at a 1 4 the THUMB, ESPECIALLY if it’s OVER the ARROGANT and CLASSLESS miami heat, GO AHEAD and BEAT them DOWN in the FINALS in 4 or 5 GAMES like how those DALLAS MAVERICKS BEAT them in 6 GAMES in the 2011 FINALS.

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