Bulls-Sixers Game Four Preview

Game Three: Sixers win 79-74 Top Performers: Sixers: Spencer Hawes (21 points, nine rebounds) and Jrue Holiday (17 points, six rebounds, six assists) Bulls: Carlos Boozer (18 points, ten rebounds) and Rip Hamilton (17 points, six rebounds, seven assists) Overview: This isn’t how the Bulls playoffs were supposed to go. Derrick Rose was supposed to […]

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Bulls-Sixers Game Three Preview

Game Two: Sixers won 109-92 Top Performers: Sixers: Jrue Holiday (26 points, six assists), Evan Turner (19 points, seven rebounds, six assists) and Lou Williams (20 points, six assists) Bulls: Joakim Noah (21 points, 10-11 from the field, eight rebounds, five assists) and John Lucas (15 points, four assists) Overview: A lot of adjustments are […]

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Bulls-Sixers Game Two Preview

Game One: Bulls won 103-91 Top Performers: Bulls: Richard Hamilton (19 points, three rebounds, four assists) and Joakim Noah (12 points, 13 rebounds, two blocks) 76ers: Elton Brand (19 points, seven rebounds, four blocks) and Thaddeus Young (13 points, four rebounds) Overview: The final score of game one didn’t really matter. The only thing that […]

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The Five Stages of Derrick Rose Grief

Stage 1: Denial. “This…this can’t be happening. Not to Derrick. Not now. He’s already missed so many games. He’s hardly played in months. His body should be healthy and rested. And how could he have possibly been hurt making a jump stop? He’s done that, like, a million times. He didn’t even get touched on […]

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Bulls-Sixers Game One Preview

Philadelphia 76ers Status Check: Record: 35-31 Division: 7-6 Conference: 28-20 Road Record: 16-17 Home Record:19-14 Last 10 Games: 6-4 Streak: Lost 1 Last game: 108-86 loss to Detroit PPG: 93.6 (22nd) Opponents PPG: 89.4 (3rd) Offensive Rating: 103.9 (20th) Defensive Rating: 99.2 (3rd) Pace: 89.7 (24th) Effective Field Goal Percentage: .480 (19th) Turnover Percentage: .109 […]

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Sixers-Bulls First Round Playoff Series Preview

Not to overlook last night’s game against the Cavaliers — which the Bulls won 107-75 despite resting Derrick Rose, Luol Deng and Kyle Korver — but the regular season is over. The Bulls (50-16) once again compiled the league’s best record. San Antonio again has the second-best record (the Spurs are also 50-16, but Chicago […]

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Bulls-Cavaliers Preview

Cleveland Cavaliers Status Check: Record: 21-44 Division: 3-11 Conference: 13-34 Road Record: 10-22 Last 10 Games: 2-8 Streak: Lost 3 Last game: 96-85 loss to Washington PPG: 93.3 (25th) Opponents PPG: 100.1 (26th) Offensive Rating: 101.3 (24th) Defensive Rating: 108.7 (26th) Pace: 91.3 (14th) Effective Field Goal Percentage: .465 (29th) Turnover Percentage: .144 (23rd) Defensive […]

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Game Recap: Bulls 92, Pacers 87

The Bulls have already clinched the top seed in the Eastern Conference and are one win over the Cavaliers (or one Spurs loss) away from earning the best record in the league for the second year in a row. But according to Joakim Noah — and any sane person would agree — playoff seeding against […]

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