Fresh ink: February 3, 2009

Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune: “The more interesting and absolutely nonsensical part was Reinsdorf painting this as an ‘organizational failure’’ but absolving John Paxson of responsibility. Excuse me?It’s not the fault of the guy who brought in the players who make Reinsdorf admit he wanted to stand up and boo the way the fans […]

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Even this Rose has a thorn or two

Fellow TrueHoop Networker Matt Moore recently posted the following glowing appraisal of Derrick Rose at Hardwood Paroxysm: “He’s worlds above every player on that team. The style on offense is flashing and brutal. He’s active and focused on defense, never frantic, never lost. He’s certain with his movement, slick with this adjustments, and there’s not a piece […]

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Fresh ink: February 2, 2009

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune: “The silly speculation about Del Negro getting fired this season, possibly by the beginning of the All-Star break Feb. 13, overlooks three crucial factors: •He’s in the first season of a three-year deal, and Reinsdorf already is paying Scott Skiles not to work for him. •Reinsdorf played a role […]

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Jerry doesn’t heart Vinny

Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf put in a rather grumpy appearance on The Monsters In The Morning on Comcast SportsNet yesterday. You can go read the full transcript for yourself, but here’s the money shot: When prompted to express his feelings regarding the Bulls’ season-to-date, Reinsdorf said: “You want the grade up ’til today? What’s the lowest grade you can give? […]

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Bad team beats worse team

Well, then. Those 11 years sure flew by, didn’t they? The Bulls notched their first post-Jordan win over the Kings in Sacramento — 109-88 if you care about that sort of thing — to match their season-best winning streak. At two games. Hey, it’s been a rough year, okay? It was also their second-largest margin of […]

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Bulls-Kings: The Royal Preview

Mel Brooks said it was good to be the king. But in today’s NBA, it’s even better to be playing the Kings. The Sactowners (10-37) have the worst record in the Western Conference. Yes, worse than the Timberwolves, Thunder and even the Clippers. In fact, they’re a scant 0.013 percentage points better than the Washington […]

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Fresh ink: January 30, 2009

Matt Becker of the Associated Press: “The Chicago Bulls haven’t won in Sacramento since Michael Jordan led them to their sixth NBA title. With the way the Kings are playing right now, Chicago may have its best opportunity to end that slide. After snapping their longest losing streak of the season their last time out, […]

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Introducing: The Dull-Negrometer

Vinny Del Negro has been under fire from media members, bloggers and fans since about five seconds after his hiring was announced. And those five seconds simply represented the average amount of time it took people to recover from the shock. Like pretty much everybody else, I have my doubts about Vinny’s coaching acumen, but […]

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We love L.A.!

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from fellow TrueHoop Network member Kevin Arnovitz of ClipperBlog informing me that Baron Davis was probable for the Bulls-Clippers game. My heart sank. My heart threatened to hop out of my chest and go watch figure skating instead when, right before tipoff, I realized that Marcus Camby also was going to play. Not exactly […]

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