That’s seven out of 10 now: Bulls 96, “Celtics” 83

Okay, let me get the extenuating circumstances out of the way. The “Boston Celtics” were playing without their best player (Kevin Garnett), their top reserve (Rasheed Wallace), and another key roleplayer (Marquis Daniels). Due to the extreme shorthandedness, the “Celtics” starters have been putting in a lot of PT, particuarly Rajon Rondo, who has now […]

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The endless speculation about Kirk Hinrich

Based on the number of Kirk Hinrich trade rumors and the frequency with which various experts and unnamed sources confirm Chicago management’s desire to dump Hinrich’s cap-killing contract, you’d think the Bulls were trying desperately to escape a pact with some dark power. Did Jerry Reinsdorf lose a fiddle match with the devil? That’s what it feels […]

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Taj Gibson is hurting

Bulls fans who want to see Tyrus Thomas back in the starting lineup may get their wish pretty soon…but not necessarily on his own merits. Taj Gibson is suffering from a case of plantar fasciitis. And here we all thought the Bulls were finally healthy. After Taj sat out of practice yesterday, Vinny Del Negro said: […]

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Points galore: Bulls 120, Pistons 87

On a night when the Bulls — who have been a notoriously awful scoring team all season — set season-highs in points (120), field goal percentage (57.1) and margin of victory (33), it’s worth asking the question: was the end result a function of the Bulls rising or merely a sign of how far the […]

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A timely win: Bulls 110, Timberwolves 96

I’m not sure what to take from Chicago’s 14-point home win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, a.k.a. the second-worst team in the NBA (8-30 overall, 3-15 on the road). It’s certainly better than a home loss to the worst team in the NBA, which actually happened earlier this season. But what does it mean? Probably nothing. But here […]

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A foul loss: Bucks 96, Bulls 93

There are certain things I’ve learned to accept about the 2009-10 version of the Chicago Bulls. For instance, I have accepted that they rank 28th out of 30 in scoring (92.3 PPG) and are next to dead last in Offensive Efficiency…the latter of which means the only team less efficient at scoring is currently 3-33 and on pace to be […]

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Tyrus Thomas: Still not starting

It’s the question that seemingly cannot be answered: What, exactly, should the Bulls do with Tyrus Thomas? Start him or bring him in off the bench? Keep him or trade him? Let him shoot jump shots or put electrodes in his jersey that will give him a terrible shock any time he attempts a field goal […]

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Luol Deng is hurting…but still playing

Based solely on media attention and focus, you might think that Kobe Bryant is the only NBA player to ever play bravely with a broken finger. With the way sports writers have been gushing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe’s finger won the Nobel Prize and ended up on the cover of Time magazine. (Of course, […]

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‘Cat food: Bobcats 113, Bulls 108

Okay, first off: I don’t believe in moral victories. A moral victory and a punch to the face won’t get you anything other than a punch in the face. The Bulls lost a winnable game…and that’s always a bummer. That said, if you had told me going in that the Bulls would score a season-high […]

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