Weekend recap: Bulls return from the almost-dead

After opening their seven-game Western Conference road trip with agonizing losses first to the Golden State Warriors and then to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Bulls seemed almost destined for a season-crippling losing streak. Going into Friday’s game against the Suns, an 0-7 trip appeared to be a very real possibility…and 0-4 at the very least. […]

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Bulls-Suns preview: A game of contrasts

Okay…let’s talk Bulls-Suns. Note that many of the following stats were provided by Peter Newmann of ESPN Statistics and Information Research. Fact: After hitting a total of 20 three-pointers during his first four seasons in the NBA, Phoenix Suns backup center Channing Frye has nailed 98 threes this season. That’s the second second-most in the league […]

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No escape from L.A.: Clippers 104, Bulls 97

With a little less than two minutes remaining, the Bulls were down only four points (95-91) and it looked like they had a realistic shot at stealing this game away from the hometown Clippers. That’s when Steve Nash’s good buddy Baron Davis came down court on a controlled fast break, pulled up just outside the three-point […]

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The shooting quandaries of the Chicago Bulls

As the Bulls prepare for their game against the Los Angeles Clippers — the second stop on their current seven-game Western Conference road trip — Vinny Del Negro has some very real concerns to deal with. Forget the fact that his team could be without John Salmons, who spent Monday night in an Oakland hospital […]

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A bad start: Warriors 114, Bulls 97

Let’s not mince words: the Golden State Warriors are a bad basketball team. They entered today’s game against the Bulls 11-27 overall and only 7-10 at home. In terms of wins and losses, only the Minnesota Timberwolves (9-33) and New Jersey Nets (3-37) are worse. The Warriors have had two main problems this season. First, they’ve suffered a bizarre […]

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Derrick Rose explodes: Bulls 121, Wizards 119

And to think: earlier this season, there were a bunch of knuckleheads writing about whether Derrick Rose would ever be a go-to guy. Some people even questioned whether he could be! Oh, wait. I was one of those knuckleheads. My bad. Derrick Rose injured his ankle during the preseason, and the recovery took time. The effect on his game was obvious. […]

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That’s seven out of 10 now: Bulls 96, “Celtics” 83

Okay, let me get the extenuating circumstances out of the way. The “Boston Celtics” were playing without their best player (Kevin Garnett), their top reserve (Rasheed Wallace), and another key roleplayer (Marquis Daniels). Due to the extreme shorthandedness, the “Celtics” starters have been putting in a lot of PT, particuarly Rajon Rondo, who has now […]

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The endless speculation about Kirk Hinrich

Based on the number of Kirk Hinrich trade rumors and the frequency with which various experts and unnamed sources confirm Chicago management’s desire to dump Hinrich’s cap-killing contract, you’d think the Bulls were trying desperately to escape a pact with some dark power. Did Jerry Reinsdorf lose a fiddle match with the devil? That’s what it feels […]

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Taj Gibson is hurting

Bulls fans who want to see Tyrus Thomas back in the starting lineup may get their wish pretty soon…but not necessarily on his own merits. Taj Gibson is suffering from a case of plantar fasciitis. And here we all thought the Bulls were finally healthy. After Taj sat out of practice yesterday, Vinny Del Negro said: […]

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