Chicago’s M.A.S.H. unit

Injuries. They’re the bane of every NBA team, especially during the second half of the season. The Bulls are no exception. Chicago’s last two losses — versus the Pacers in Indiana and against the Hawks in Chicago — might have been avoided with a couple extra healthy bodies. Well, the Pacers game at the very least. But […]

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Bird food: Hawks 116, Bulls 92

No Joakim Noah (plantar fasciitis in left foot). No Luol Deng (sore left knee). Derrick Rose, who entered the game with a bruised left knee, collided with Mike Bibby in the first quarter and spent the next several minutes on the court in obvious pain. Eventually, he hobbled to the locker room. I was taking part […]

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No sweep for you: Pacers 100, Bulls 90

So much for sweeping the season series with the Pacers. How did the Bulls shoot 57 percent against a pretty good Portland team on one night and then shoot 41.9 percent against a pretty not-so-good Indiana team the very next night? For starters, they were playing on the road, where they are 12-19 on the season. And they were playing in […]

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Guest post: Winning and worrying

Ordinarily, fans would revel in the kind of record the Bulls have compiled over the past couple of weeks. But the combination of relatively soft competition, coupled with their many mistakes and weaknesses exposed, has led, for me at least, to more anxiety than celebration. Using last night’s game against the Trailblazers as a microcosm, […]

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Hot hands: Bulls 115, Trail Blazers 111 (OT)

Derrick Rose. Wow.  Before I start gushing, let me state up front that it concerns me — and I mean a lot — when a starting point guard plays 47 minutes and finishes with 5 turnovers and only 4 assists. Those were Derrick’s final numbers. And you can’t blame the poor shooting of his teammates. […]

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Kirk Hinrich: “He’s heating up…”

Sorry. Had to pay homage to NBA Jam. (It’s coming back, by the way.) Captain Kirk suffered an early-season thumb sprain that caused him to miss time and, ahem, struggle shooting the ball. His struggles — as well as the poor shooting of the now departed John Salmons — really hurt Chicago’s spacing early on, […]

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Guest post: Vinny and Timeouts

Because I was the one who originally suggested paying attention to the plays the Bulls run out of timeouts, I’ll elaborate a bit on why I believe some of VDN’s basic limitations are exposed by these plays. Out of timeouts, offensive plays provide crystallized glimpses into the quality and creativity of coaching strategies. It’s true […]

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Brad Miller might play forever…

Last summer, I could have sworn Brad Miller said that part of him would rather be hunting back in Indiana than playing professional basketball. I took this to mean he was considering retirement when his giant contract ($12+ million) expires next summer. Not so! On why his NBA days aren’t over: “You know with my basketball […]

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Agony of the feet

Joakim Noah is struggling with plantar fasciitis in his left foot, but he really, really wants to play. He’s wearing new orthotics, undergoing treatment, and even ingesting some mystrious “fruit drink” that’s supposed to help his feet. But the pain hasn’t gone away. In two games he’s missed two breakaway dunks. It’s not a coincidence. […]

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