Scouting Report: Kirk Hinrich

Name: Kirk Hinrich (pronounced HINE-rick) Position: PG/SG Height: 6’3″ Weight: 190 Birth Date: January 2, 1981 (28 years old) Birth Place: Sioux City, IA Number: 12 Nicknames: Captain Kirk, The Hinrich Maneuver College: Kansas Drafted: 2003, 1st Round, 7th overall by Chicago Experience: 6 seasons Previous teams: None Contract: $9.5 million in 2009-10 Expect: Pull-up […]

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Scouting Report: Tyrus Thomas

Name: Tyrus Thomas (pronounced TIE-rus) Position: PF Height: 6’9″ Weight: 215 pounds Birth Date: August 17, 1986 (23 years old) Birth Place: Baton Rouge, LA Number: 24 Nicknames: Big T’s, Free Money, The Mercenary, T-Time, TT, Ty, Ty-Rise College: Louisiana State Drafted: 2006, 1st round, 4th overall by Portland Experience: 3 seasons Previous Team: None […]

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My Second Favorite NBA Team

For many years, the Phoenix Suns under Mike D’Antoni were (almost) everyone’s “second favorite team,” and why not? They were fun, exciting, joyful, and kinetic.  But ever since Steve Kerr took a wrecking ball to the roster and D’Antoni moved east, sentimental favorites have been slow to surface. As NBA rosters are beginning to flesh […]

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Scouting Report: Brad Miller

Name: Brad Miller Position: C Height: 7’0″ Weight: 260 Birth Date: April 12, 1976 (33 years old) Birth Place: Fort Wayne, IN Number: 52 Nicknames: B-52, Bad News Brad, Cornrows, BM College: Purdue Drafted: Undrafted Experience: 11 seasons Previous Team: Sacramento (2003-09) Contract: $12.3 million in 2009-10 Expect: Outside shooting Don’t expect: Blazing speed On […]

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Scouting Report: Luol Deng

Name: Luol Deng (pronounced Lu-owl Dang) Position: SF Height: 6’9″ Weight: 220 pounds Birth Date: April 16, 1985 (24 years old) Birth Place: Wau Number: 9 Nicknames: Deng-Dong, Luol, Sweet Lu, The Man from Sudan College: Duke Drafted: 2004, 1st Round, 7th overall by Phoenix Experience: 5 seasons (unless you don’t count last season…) Previous teams: […]

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Scouting Report: Joakim Noah

Name: Joakim Noah (pronounced JO-a-kim) Position: PF/C Height: 6’10″ Weight: 232 pounds Birth Date: February 25, 1985 (24 years old) Birth Place: New York, NY Number: 13 Nicknames: Dr. No, Jo, Jo-No, Noah Kim-Joa, The Joker College: Florida Drafted: 2007, 1st Round, 9th overall by Chicago Experience: 2 seasons Previous teams: None Contract: $2.4 million in 2009-10, […]

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Scouting Report: John Salmons

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to provide a scouting report on all the current Bulls players. This should make it a little easier for me (and maybe for you) to sort through the pieces of Chicago’s jigsaw puzzle. I decided to start with the man who will replace the dearly departed Ben Gordon as the team’s […]

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Rose: I didn’t do anything wrong

Speaking at a basketball camp at Joy of the Game in Deerfield, Derrick finally talked to the press about his Summer of Doom. Specifically, the allegations that somebody else took his college entrance exam and the picture that purportedly shows him flashing a gang sign. Here’s what he had to say. Regarding the allegations of […]

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The Bulls 2009-10 Schedulapocalypse

The NBA has officially released its 2009-10 schedule…and it looks pretty grim for the Bulls. They open the season on October 29 at home against what should be a much-improved San Antonio Spurs team. The next day they travel to Boston for a tea party with their old friends the Celtics. Only unlike last season’s […]

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Now open: MJ’s Hall of Fame exhibit

From the Associated Press: “The Basketball Hall of Fame has opened a Michael Jordan exhibit before his enshrinement next month. The display features items from Jordan’s NBA career and from his time at North Carolina and with the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. There is also a batting glove from Jordan’s brief foray into baseball. The […]

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