Loul Deng: Hurting

More bad injury news for the Bulls: Luol Deng — Chicago’s primary LeBron James defender — is hurting. Again. Or still. Or whatever. Said Deng: “I don’t feel good at all. The calf strain took a lot out of me. And it’s still bothering me. I missed 12 games, but I wanted to get back into it […]

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Game 1: Cavaliers 96, Bulls 83

Too much. The Cavaliers had too much. Too much talent. Too much size. Too much LeBron James. And the Bulls, on the other hand, didn’t have enough. The final score looks somewhat respectable. The fact that Chicago whittled a 22-point third quarter deficit (68-46) down to only seven (82-75) with 5:35 left in the fourth seems a little hopeful. But […]

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Wondering what the future holds for the Bulls

On Saturday, the Bulls open their first round playoff series against the Cavaliers in Cleveland. Think about that. Say those words out loud. The Bulls are in the playoffs. Feels kind of weird, doesn’t it? There were so many times early in the season and especally over the last month when a postseason berth seemed […]

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Joakim Noah: Not giving up

Think the Bulls’ emotional and spiritual leader is going to roll over and die in the face of LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers? Think again. Said/screamed Noah: “We’re going to the playoffs. All this [expletive] and we’re going to the playoffs. Let’s go shock the world. … Now we’re playing the Cleveland Cavaliers. Everybody […]

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Bring on the Cavaliers (gulp): Bulls 98, Bobcats 89

What a crazy season. I mean, think about it. Before it even began, Ben Gordon left for Detroit. Then the season opened with Derrick Rose semi-hobbled by an ankle injury. Four games in, Tyrus Thomas fractured his left forearm during a weightlifting session at practice. Then Kirk Hinrich missed time with a sprained left thumb. John Salmons went through […]

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Derrick Rose steps way up: Bulls 101, Celtics 93

Talk about untimely and unwelcome distractions. Going into last night’s matchup with the Boston Celtics — only the biggest game of the season so far — reports surfaced that, after Chicago’s home loss to the Phoenix Suns on March 30, Bulls executive vice president John Paxson apparently grabbed coach Vinny Del Negro by the tie, jabbed him twice in […]

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