Luol Deng: Gettin’ there, I guess

According to Doug Thonus of ChicagoNow: “Sources tell me that Luol Deng has started his summer workouts, but he’s still not 100% yet. He’s rumored to be going down to IMG to work out with David Thorpe at some point, but he’s presently in Chicago doing what he can while being cautious with the leg. As for the stress fracture itself, the last update my sources have given me says another three to four weeks before it’s 100%.”

This “news” doesn’t feel much different than every other update we’ve gotten since Deng stopped playing in March: Luol’s getting better, but he’s still an unspecified amount of time away from being totally healthy. Seriously, this has been the stress fracture from hell. I mean, stress fractures typically heal in six to eight weeks, and Luol has been out of action for three-plus months.

So why has Deng’s stress fracture been so pesky? Well, I finally figured it out, and it has nothing to do with any medical whatsis whosits. It’s all about the NBA Live cover jinx! No, really. I literally just found this out: Luol was on the cover of NBA Live 09 in the UK and Ireland.

Dengs NBA Live cover

So I guess that, as long as Luol gets plenty of rest and stays away from video game cover shoots, he should be just fine next season. Consider my fingers officially crossed.

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4 Responses to Luol Deng: Gettin’ there, I guess

    David M. June 9, 2009 at 6:24 am #

    I’m not a medical expert or anything, but I had the exact same type of injury as Luol(tibial stress fracture) in high school, and speaking from experience – it hurts juuuust enough to not let you play, it takes forever to heal, and once it heals it’s gone forever. ::Metatarsal:: fractures (in the feet) take 6-8 weeks, but tibial (leg) fractures often take 6 months or more – I guess because you put more weight on it and/or it’s a larger bone to knit.

    And yeah, that cover is pretty hilarious. I guess he managed to beat out that guy who schooled Devin Harris.

  2. alexer June 10, 2009 at 1:45 am #

    Who cares when he gets back 100% he’ll just get hurt again he’s soft…


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