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Bulls Dismantle Rockets 111-87

One does not simply beat the Bulls following a loss. This game is a good example of what it takes to be a title contender. Yes, the Bulls haven’t been one since that fateful Game 1 against Philadelphia, but they carry themselves like one. On the other hand, while Houston has grown into a legitimate […]

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Let us all bow at the altar of Joakim Noah

What is there to say about Joakim Noah that hasn’t already been said? No, seriously, what is there? We know all about his insistence on outworking anyone and everyone he’s ever met. We know about the brilliance he displays as the hub of Tom Thibodeau’s defense. We know he’s almost single-handedly kept the Chicago Bulls’ […]

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Game Recap #55: Miami Heat 93, Chicago Bulls 79.

Oops. So much for that resurgent offense. So much for that win streak. So much for that burgeoning contendership. The Bulls, after a strong first quarter that saw them outscore the Heat 24-20, were throttled in the second half, falling to the LeBron-less Heat by 14. Everything that’s worked in 2014 for the Bulls (D.J. […]

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