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The streak is over: Pistons 99, Bulls 85

Tom Thibodeau has made the phrase “we have more than enough to win” famous over his three seasons as head coach of the Chicago Bulls. In fact, it has become a much-needed rallying cry for his players. The ones healthy enough to actually play at any rate. As Jimmy Butler has said more than once, […]

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A team-defining win: Bulls 92, Nets 90

The 2012-13 Chicago Bulls are not winning an NBA title. Derrick Rose is probably not going to play a single game this season. The Bulls will not be fully healthy — or even close — by the end of the regular season. Their absolute ceiling is a second round playoff elimination. If they make it […]

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Dead Men Walking: Wizards 90, Bulls 86

Remember back in late January? Early February? Things were looking up for the Bulls. They weren’t just thinking about making the playoffs. They were taking aim at the second or third seed in the Eastern Conference. Luol Deng and Joakim Noah were named to the All-Star team. An early March return by Derrick Rose looked […]

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Game Recap: Bulls 95, Pistons 94

One day after a gut-wrenching come-from-ahead loss in Dallas, the Bulls flipped the script and pulled out a come-from-behind home win over the Pistons. Of course, the quality of competition was a bit different, given that the Mavericks are making a surge for the playoffs. All the Pistons (24-50) have to look forward to is  the […]

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An historic win: Bulls 101, Heat 97

Last night’s game had two possible outcomes for the Chicago Bulls: Either make history or become a footnote to it. They made history. Unless you just arrived on earth from another star system, you likely already know the Miami Heat entered this game having won 27 games in a row, which represents the second-longest winning […]

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Game Recap: Trail Blazers 99, Bulls 89

During Chicago’s ongoing post-All-Star break slump, I’ve repeatedly asserted that what this team needs most are more warm bodies. I figured the Bulls would return to their usual hard-nosed and competitive selves as soon as one or two players returned from injury. Apparently, I misjudged the situation. Kirk Hinrich and Taj Gibson were back. The […]

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Game Recap: Nuggets 119, Bulls 118

It’s too bad they don’t have a “Moral Victory” column in the NBA standings. The shorthanded-as-always Bulls — who were once again without Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich, Rip Hamilton and Taj Gibson — were faced with a daunting task: Slow down the Denver Nuggets, the league’s second hottest team, winners of 11 straight games. The […]

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