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The Bulls are now another man down

Life without Derrick Rose continues for the Chicago Bulls. Now they’ll also be living without Rip Hamilton for the foreseeable future. Hamilton injured his left foot in Saturday night’s 93-88 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. And although Rip returned to knock down some clutch free throws, it was fairly obvious something was wrong. After the […]

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The Worst of Kirk Hinrich

The Chicago Tribune recently ran an article  about Kirk Hinrich’s shooting slump titled Hinrich not sweating cold spell. Well, if Captain Kirk isn’t sweating, he should be. Remember: Despite the fact that Derrick Rose was out indefinitely and C.J. Watson had played well both as a backup and as a starter when Rose was out, the […]

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Taj Gibson’s contract has been extended

The Bulls celebrated Halloween with some very good news. And I’m not talking about their season-opening win over the Sacramento Kings. Taj Gibson and the Bulls have agreed to a four-year contract extension worth $38 million. So we don’t have to worry about Gibson pulling an Omer Asik next summer. Said Gibson: “You just do […]

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Is a Luol Deng breakdown inevitable?

Luol Deng recently admitted he was planning to have surgery on the torn ligament in his left wrist…but then stated his rehab program had essentially solved any problems. Said Deng: “I had the injury before (in 2004), and for some reason, maybe because it was my first time and I first had it, it felt a […]

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Don’t expect too many skyhooks from Joakim Noah

When word leaked that Joakim Noah had spent time over the summer working with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — the NBA’s all-time leading scorer and master of the skyhook — there was some rather eager anticipation regarding just what Noah learned from the legend. Specifically: Would Jo start dropping skyhooks this season? The answer: Maybe…but probably not […]

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Rip Hamilton wants to play better this season…but can he?

Due to last season’s lockout-shortened schedule, the Bulls played 66 regular season games. But Rip Hamilton was available for only 28 of them. That was a really big deal. It has been somewhat forgotten because of the many other concerns in the Bulls universe… …Derrick Rose’s surgically-repaired left knee, Luol Deng’s not-surgically-repaired left wrist, Joakim […]

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Bulls injury updates

With Bulls training camp officially under way, we can finally start really thinking about the upcoming season in real terms. There’s been plenty of concern about the dismantling of the Bench Mob — which is reasonable — but the more important subject is the health of the team’s core players. Derrick Rose. Joakim Noah. Luol […]

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