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Introducing: The Dull-Negrometer

Vinny Del Negro has been under fire from media members, bloggers and fans since about five seconds after his hiring was announced. And those five seconds simply represented the average amount of time it took people to recover from the shock. Like pretty much everybody else, I have my doubts about Vinny’s coaching acumen, but […]

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Larry Hughes trade scenarios

The Bulls have run into a problem in their mission to dump Larry Hughes and his ginormous contract, the problem being: Nobody wants him. But, to me, that simply means John Paxson isn’t trying hard enough. That’s where I come in, because some times the best Trade Machine…is the human mind. To: The Bueller family. […]

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Welcome to our world, John…

I know this already got play in today’s Fresh ink post, but I wanted to share a few more juicy bits from John Paxson’s recent mea culpa: Regarding the team’s performance so far this season (which has sucked fallen below expectations): “I’m obviously not happy. I don’t think my expectations were such going into the season thinking […]

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Behold! The future of Joakim Noah!

I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too. But I regret to inform you that the man in the picture is not an older version of Joakim Noah on an epic but perilous journey through time to stop some dreadful post-apocalyptic future in which mankind is ruled by Bat Boy. (And no, the […]

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