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Free Agent Watch: More on Johnson and Boozer

Check out what Bill Simmons had to say about Joe Johnson today: “Put it this way, Joe Johnson: Knicks fans aren’t exactly going to be pouring champagne on each other because their team just signed the 29-year-old alpha dog of the 2009-10 Atlanta Hawks — a team that was nearly embarrassed by the depleted Bucks, […]

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Free Agent Watch: Boozer and Johnson swept out of the playoffs

The second round of the NBA playoffs was a basketball wasteland for two players the Bulls may or may not target during this summer’s free agent bonanza. And “wasteland” might be an understatement. “Apocalypse” might be more appropriate. Carlos Boozer and his Utah Jazz were unceremoniously swept by the Los Angeles Lakers, losing last night’s elimination game at […]

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Free Agent Watch: Joe Johnson is struggling

The 2010 NBA playoffs have been a rough time for free-agent-to-be Joe Johnson. In the first round, his Atlanta Hawks struggled mightily against the Andrew Bogut-less Milwaukee Bucks. And now, in the second round, they’re on the verge of being swept by the Orlando Magic. And it hasn’t been close. After Orlando’s Game 3 victory […]

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Free Agent Watch: Chris Bosh continues to flip flop

More free agent “news” from Chris Bosh’s Twitter page: “Just to be clear. I never said that I’m not considering staying in Toronto.” Well then…I’m glad he cleared that up. Of course, the key word is “considering.” So…he never said he’s not considering staying. Can’t you just feel the love in that statement? I’m sure that’ll put the […]

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