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Chicago’s injury rotation

Chicago’s injury rotation from last year could predict what they do this year…if there is a season Since there may not even be an NBA season, let’s talk about something else that is somewhat depressing…injuries. Chicago had their fair share of them last year, especially between their two starting bigs, Joakim Noah and Carlos “Gym […]

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A brief preview of Tom Thibodeau’s offense

Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald got a brief lowdown of new Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau’s offensive gameplan for the upcoming season: “We’re going to start with our defense and our rebounding. I believe if you do those things well, it puts you into the open floor. You obviously want to play with pace. I think you […]

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A hearty welcome to Tom Thibodeau

It’s official. Like, officially official. Welcome to the Windy City, Tom. Believe me, we’re pleased as punch to have you here. A real, certified, honest-to-goodness, championship-experienced coach. That’s not a dig on former coach Vinny Del Negro, by the way. Said Thibodeau: “It’s been a long wait for me and to be in this city with […]

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The coaching search has apparently ended

According to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune: “Though no official announcement will come until after [Tom] Thibodeau serves as associate head coach for the Celtics in the NBA Finals, multiple sources confirmed the longtime assistant accepted a three-year deal worth roughly $6.5 million.” Honestly? I am stoked. I think this is a fantastic choice and a […]

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Coaching Watch: Bulls to interview…Kevin McHale?

According to Jim O’Donnell of the Chicago Sun-Times, Kevin McHale is now an official part of the Bulls’ coaching search. According to McHale, anyway. Said McHale: “We’ve had some just primary discussions and I’ve talked to both Gar and Pax a little bit. So, I mean, we’ll see where it goes from there. As far as […]

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