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Game Recap: Nuggets 119, Bulls 118

It’s too bad they don’t have a “Moral Victory” column in the NBA standings. The shorthanded-as-always Bulls — who were once again without Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich, Rip Hamilton and Taj Gibson — were faced with a daunting task: Slow down the Denver Nuggets, the league’s second hottest team, winners of 11 straight games. The […]

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Bulls-Warriors Preview

Golden State Warriors Status Check: Record: 37-29 Division: 7-5 Conference: 19-19 Home Record: 22-9 Last 10 Games: 4-6 Streak: Won 2 Last game: 105-97 win over Detroit PPG: 100.6 (9th) Opponents PPG: 100.7 (23rd) Offensive Rating: 105.9 (13th) Defensive Rating: 106.0 (16th) Pace: 94.3 (6th) Effective Field Goal Percentage: .501 (11th) Turnover Percentage: .142 (23rd) […]

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Welcome to Rock Bottom, Population: Bulls

I certainly didn’t see this one coming. If you’d told me before the season started that this Bulls team — even without Derrick Rose and beset by several other injuries to key personnel — would get blown out by 42 points by a Sacramento Kings team that was 20 games below .500 and playing without […]

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Bulls-Kings Preview

Sacramento Kings Status Check: Record: 22-43 Division: 4-6 Conference: 9-28 Home Record: 16-15 Last 10 Games: 3-7 Streak: Lost 1 Last game: 115-113 loss to Milwaukee PPG: 99.1 (11th) Opponents PPG: 105.1 (30th) Offensive Rating: 105.2 (17th) Defensive Rating: 111.6 (30th) Pace: 93.3 (9th) Effective Field Goal Percentage: .486 (19th) Turnover Percentage: .138 (11th) Defensive […]

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Meditating on an inefficient offense

ESPN’s Beckley Mason recently penned an article called Its smart to be fun. Mason’s essential point is that current analytics indicate an “athletic, aggressive open-court style” of offense is both efficient and successful. Mason supports his case with the following extended quote from Denver Nuggets coach George Karl: Coaching has now gotten so technical and […]

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Game Recap: Lakers 90, Bulls 81

The Bulls do not have “more than enough” to win. They just don’t. Not right now. Not without Derrick Rose, whose status remains as murky as ever. Not without Kirk Hinrich (swollen right foot), Rip Hamilton (bask spasms) and Taj Gibson (sprained left knee). Not with Joakim Noah limited by plantar faciitis. Not with Luol […]

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Rose’s return is being hamstrung by hamstrings

During the first quarter of today’s Bulls-Lakers game, ESPN’s Doris Burke reported that Derrick Rose’s hamstrings — and not his surgically-repaired left knee — are delaying his return. Rose has been taking part in full-contact practices for a month and the big “news” on Friday was that he’s been medically cleared to play (although that […]

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Bulls-Lakers Preview

Los Angeles Lakers Status Check: Record: 32-31 Division: 5-5 Conference: 18-21 Home Record: 21-11 Last 10 Games: 7-3 Streak: Won 2 Last game: 118-116 win over Toronto in OT PPG: 102.7 (6th) Opponents PPG: 101.7 (26th) Offensive Rating: 108.0 (8th) Defensive Rating: 106.9 (21st) Pace: 94.8 (3rd) Effective Field Goal Percentage: .515 (8th) Turnover Percentage: […]

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Jazz-Bulls Preview

Utah Jazz Status Check: Record: 32-29 Division: 5-4 Conference: 18-19 Road Record: 10-21 Last 10 Games: 4-6 Streak: Lost 2 Last game: 104-101 loss to Cleveland PPG: 98.7 (11th) Opponents PPG: 98.8 (17th) Offensive Rating: 106.7 (9th) Defensive Rating: 106.8 (22nd) Pace: 91.4 (19th) Effective Field Goal Percentage: .488 (17th) Turnover Percentage: .139 (15th) Defensive […]

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